Art Save the Queen NFT brings Blockchain to Buckingham

52 established and emerging artists will honor the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. They will create an NFT collection- Art Save the Queen NFT.

Art Save the queen NFT

On June 2nd, 2022, 52 established and emerging artists round the world will honor the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. These artists will create an NFT collection- Art Save the Queen NFT. And this celebrates her 70 year reign over popular culture.

The Queen has been a major influence on pop culture

The Queen is arguably the foremost portrayed person in history. She has influenced pop culture from portraits to pop. The Queen was the inspiration for the likes of Andy Warhol, The Sex Pistols, and beyond. Furthermore the monarch’s enduring and consistent image has been described as vanilla. But this has allowed her to become the lens through which we are able to view our ever-changing culture.

Now, as we establish our foothold within the 21st century, a replacement technology has emerged with some interesting parallels to Her Majesty’s brand. We’re referencing the blockchain, which soared into mainstream awareness in early 2020. And this have sparked a burgeoning revolution for creators to seize the means of creative activity and take ownership of their careers.

We’ve seen artists like Beeple and XCOPY rise to fame and lead the way for others to ape into the exciting and unexplored frontier. This movement has transformed the blockchain—a technology as immutable because the Queen’s image—into an analogous canvas for what’s happening within the world around us. What was once a straightforward public ledger has become a perfect medium for the artistic expression of our world today. A programmed palace for the Queen of Memes, where her popular culture legacy can reign forever.

The Art Save the Queen NFT collection

The Art Save The Queen NFT collection accompanies a physical show curated by the ad libitum Gallery in London. Which is able to honor Her Majesty’s 70 remarkable years on the throne. The gallery calls on emerging and established artists to craft their own unique representation of The Queen. And the physical exhibition features works from artists such as Mr Brainwash, Alison Jackson, James Mylne, Darren Coffield, Elmo Hood, Pure Evil and Scarlett Raven.

Some of the artists mentioned above will transform their work into the NFT collection. Which will feature 2022 unique portrayals of The Queen. The gathering will contains 1/1 artworks by Nasser Azam, Michal Cole, Karen Bystedt, Catman, James Mylne, Ernesto Romano, Paul Don Smith, Riu Knox, Matt Mackman, Louisa Tebbutt, Jo Holdsworth, Sena Shah, Ben Riley, James Vaulkhard, Janek Janikowski, and more. And in many cases will function a stepping stone for these artists to enter the Non-Fungible space.


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