Elon Musk Receives Honorary NFT from Ukraine’s NFT Museum

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Meta History NFT Museum Honors Elon Musk

Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s minister of Digital Transformation, announced on Friday via Twitter the creation of a special NFT to honor Elon Musk. Ukraine’s NFT museum was the creator of the honorary NFT.

“258 ETH raised by @Meta_History_UA w/NFTs. But some things are beyond money like sincere help. @elonmusk is a great supporter of @ukraine & the team made a special NFT to keep the memory of it forever. From the heart of Ukraine to sunny Texas, thank you Elon! Drop me your ETH address.”

The Minister said in the tweet.

NFT Museum Honors Elon Musk

Musk’s support since the invasion

The Billionaire CEO has been in the fore front providing support to the embattled nation since the Russian invasion. One of his major efforts in Ukraine was the setting up Starlink terminals to help with internet connectivity in the country. Ukraine suffered massive internet outages following massive bombardments by russia. And reached out to him for aid which he responded to.

Ukraine’s NFT Museum

The NFT museum is also known as the ‘Meta History: Museum of War’. The country established the museum to preserve memories of the ongoing war with Russia. And it has since built a collection of NFTs which shows some exclusive war images. These images capture key moments in the current war between Russia and Ukraine.

Ukraine also founded the museum to generate donations for citizens and soldiers affected by the war. And it will sell the NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain. After the sale, it will channel all the proceeds to the ministry’s official crypto wallet. Currently the ministry has raised about 258 ETH from such sales.

Ukraine has benefited immensely from the Starlink project. When the war started, Mykhailo Fedorov, pleaded with Musk in a tweet to provide Starlink terminals for his nation. Since the heavy bombardments by Russia was disrupting internet connectivity.

Currently, over a thousand Starlink terminals are operating in Ukraine. However, Ukraine still needs help across the world.

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