Arsenal FC plans to Launch into the NFT space

Recently, English premier league side Arsenal FC announced a partnership with Unagi that will see the club launch into the NFT space.

Arsenal FC plans NFT launch
Arsenal Football Club logo

Recently, English Premier League side, Arsenal FC announced a partnership with Unagi the NFT gaming platform. The partnership which is considered to be on a long term basis. Promises to offer users and fans new experiences powered by Blockchain technology. This follows previous moves by other English premier league clubs to adopt NFT and Web3.

Arsenal Partners with Unagi on NFT game

The partnership between Arsenal FC and Unagi was for its NFT (play-to-earn game) game ultimate champions. Which is a football fantasy game.

Ultimate Champions is a free cross-league fantasy football game that allows users to build the best and most exciting team with real-world players. The game also rewards users based on the real world performance of players that make up their fantasy team.

Arsenal’s partnership with Unagi will see fans access the cross-league fantasy game free of charge. In addition to this, users can trade their player NFTs on the game’s NFT marketplace.

The game employs a play-to-earn business model, as it supports its in-game currency that users can earn and spend on the game. The player NFTs are akin to collectible football stickers in the digital realm.

Admittedly, users can enjoy the game without the need to invest in digital player cards. Furthermore, Unagi offers the $CHAMP token, the utility token used across the Ultimate Champions ecosystem. Additionally, the game supports the $MGC token representing manager contracts. And it is also the main source of rewards for players.

Juliet Slot Arsenal’s Chief Commercial Officer, reacting to the partnership between the Football club and Unagi said:

“Unagi’s Ultimate Champions represents the next generation of fantasy football gaming. We are privileged to be the only Premier League club to join the free to play game and bring this brilliant concept to our supporters around the world, giving them the opportunity to apply their global football knowledge and test themselves as a football manager.”

Finally, this partnership presents everyone including the fans, Arsenal FC and Unagi a unique opportunity. But only time will tell.


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