ECORISE DAO; The DAO Driven by Nature

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ECORISE DAO the new project seeking to redeem crypto’s tarnished environmental image and create a stablecoin pegged to Land, which is arguably the most valuable natural resource.


Changing The Environmental Narrative

ECORISE DAO built on the Solana chain made its entrance to the DeFi space with its unique offering. The DAO seeks to change the narrative where other crypto projects have raised environmental concerns. It plans to use the natural ecosystem in creating capital assets. These assets will be used to incentivize ecological regeneration and sustainability, the plan also includes the creation of a land-based stablecoin ecosystem.

The DAO which is environmentally driven will revitalize and regenerate the environment by unlocking the value in the earth’s natural system. The project is directly pegged to the value of land and other natural resources, meaning that when the value of these go up the value of ECORISE follows suit.

Pegged to Natural Resources

ECORISE mirrors a number of available stablecoins in the space which are pegged to various things. There are the USD- pegged stablecoins and others which are on the rise like the gold and oil-pegged stablecoins. In this case the token is pegged to land values which is also a tangible asset.

The token has potential because land is one of the the most valuable natural resources and its value is expected to appreciate following the rise in world population. The DAO also will further establish the value of the ECO token by purchasing land, regenerative lease agreements, carbon credits and crypto. These assets will be used to maintain the value of the token as a stablecoin.

Future Plans

The project plans to launch major regenerative efforts across various ecosystems which will generate profits that will be channeled back to the ECO token.

ECORISE DAO also plans to work with local communities around the world to help secure and manage natural ecosystems to promote long-term sustainability.

RISE Token Offering

TrustSwap a digital asset ecosystem recently announced the addition of ECORISE DAO to its incubator and also an upcoming RISE token offering that will start on May 10th, 2022 at 5 PM UTC. TrustSwap by this addition has pledged to support the DAO through it’s initial stages of development.

The RISE token which is the DAOs governance token is tied directly to the ECO stable coin. This is such a way that its supply diminishes with a rise in the demand for ECO tokens. thus, RISE tokens will be burned as the demand for ECO token grows, leading to a scarcity of the token. This also helps the ECO token to maintain its peg to land values while RISE captures market volatility.

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