Greg Hildebrandt, Star Wars Poster Artist to launch NFT Card Game

Star wars poster artists is set to launch his NFT collection that will power an upcoming blockchain game - Rule the mob

Greg Hildebrant NFTs
Credit: Greg Hidebrandt

Poster artist Greg Hildebrandt, known for his iconic Star Wars artworks, drops his NFT collection. The digital assets will power a “Rule The Mob” blockchain game. Hildebrandt partnered with the blockchain company web3 Artist Fund and therefore the Heavy Metal magazine for the drop.

What is Rule The Mob all about?

The legendary poster artist Greg Hildebrandt just started an NFT project, this point within the Web3 world: Rule The Mob. This card game comes from Hildebrandt’s brilliant imagination. In essence, players must engage with each other and conquer new assets. The winners will officially “rule the mob”.

The team will release more information about the sport on May 23rd. Meanwhile, Hildebrandt revealed several NFTs of his unique collection.

Holders are going to be able to use their collectibles within the Rule The Mob ecosystem as characters. there’ll be 11 characters and a special tool to use for time travel. additionally, each NFT offers virtual perks like exclusive NFT airdrops, staking, and more.

Who did Greg Hildebrandt aggroup with for the NFT project?

Hildebrandt NFT will partner with web3 Artist Fund and Heavy Metal Magazine.

In short, the web3 Artist Fund could be a strategy and branding blockchain company. Its main objective is to onboard as many iconic content creators into the web3 world. Of course, the founder Matt Medley is worked up about his NFT partnership with Hildebrandt:

“Bringing that level of talent to the web3 gaming space, we wanted to explore a method that paid homage to his legacy while exploring something more fun, goofy, and just wildly insane. Rule The Mob brings the most effective of Greg and showcases a set of generative art that gives the framework to his web3 universe.”

The Heavy Metal Magazine plays a key role within the blockchain game‘s development too. The publication is flourishing ever since 1977, supporting unique artists, alternate realities, and SF creations.

Greg Hildebrandt will launch the storyline of Rule The Mob on May 23. More information about this will be published on the game’s official website.


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