Madonna to Launch NFT in Collaboration with Beeple and SuperRare

Pop Queen to launch three NSFW video NFTs in collaboration with Beeple and SuperRare

Madonna launch NFT with Beeple and SuperRare
Madonna's Mother of nature Credit: Beeple

The Queen of Pop Madonna has announced her collaboration with Beeple to launch an NFT triptych titled “Mother of Creation”. By exploring the concept of birth via darkness and lightweight in our present time, both artists aim to attach the concept of creation and motherhood as told through a series of three video NFTs.

But beware, these NFTs are pretty NSFW in nature. specifically, all 3 video NFTs feature a unadorned 3D avatar of Madonna birth in numerous backdrops. Given that, you are doing not want to open any of those NFTs on your work computer straight away. Seriously, don’t you even consider it.

About Madonna’s NFT triptych “Mother of Creation”

To begin with, there are three video NFTs within the Mother of Creation NFT triptych by Madonna and Beeple. Each of them represents a special kind of birth in our nowadays. In spite of all the erotic scenes, there’s a key message behind these NFTs, which is, to never quit hope as you’ll never know where you’re visiting find life next.
Starting with “Mother of Nature” because the first video NFT within the collection, you may find a 3D avatar of Madonna in an exceedingly cold laboratory setting. Here, with no sign of life, a gap gives thanks to a branch that transforms into a full vibrant tree. It then pushes against gravity and flowers start to bloom. The tree may bend or maybe break, but it continues to recreate and flourish within the end.

Next, the second video NFT is “Mother of Evolution”, which touches on the metamorphosis journey of butterflies. With butterflies representing an indication of hope, the key takeaway here is to stay moving on despite living in an exceedingly chaotic world. The video NFT also features lyrics from Madonna’s iconic song “Justify My Love”.

Lastly, the third video NFT is “Mother of Technology”, which takes place in a very beautiful forest, depicting the way science can even give birth to light into the planet, but providing used with the proper consciousness. Here, a CGI Madonna gives birth to centipedes which represent the dark and light-weight of technology.

Madonna aims to form an NFT project for an honest cause

Nonetheless, as a mother of six, Madonna has aimed to use her platform and artistic reach to lift awareness and influence change on critical issues affecting women and kids. Plus, one in every of her goals is to convey a voice to those that have historically been marginalized also.

Given that, all proceeds from the NFT sale will move to three nonprofits to support mothers across the world. These include The Voices of kids Foundation, town of Joy Foundation, and Black Mama’s Bail Out.

When’s the NFT drop?

Glad that you just asked! These three video NFTs will drop on SuperRare on May 11th tomorrow, with a starting price of 0.00035774 ETH ($1 USD). If you would like to listen to more about the project from Madonna and Beeple, ensure you join SuperRare’s Twitter Spaces on May 11th at 12 am UTC. Until then, be at liberty to test out the total NFT triptych of Mother of Creation.


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