Nothing Partners With Polygon to Launch Its First NFT Project

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Nothing, a consumer electronics company based in the UK, recently announced its partnership with polygon to launch its first NFT project. The project is called the “Nothing Community Dots” ahead of the release of its first smartphone, the Nothing phone (1).

Nothing to Airdrop First NFT Token on the 7th of July

The consumer electronics giant announced that its first NFT token will be for the Nothing community investors. The investors will receive the first NFT token airdrop– “Black Dots”– on the 7th of July.

While those customers that have already preordered Nothing Phone (1) will receive their airdrops beginning from the 12th of July.  

The community investors can use the NFT tokens to purchase exclusive products and gifts and also gain access to events.

Also, ten holders of the Black Dots token will win an invitation to participate in the launch of the Nothing Phone (1) smartphone. And this will take place in London on the 12th of July.

How to get Access Nothing’s NFT Token Airdrop

To access Nothing’s NFT token airdrop, investors will first have to visit their Nothing account and connect their cryptocurrency wallets. And then head to the “My NFT Page”.

On this page, investors will be able to access their Black Dots tokens starting from the 7th of July.

Nothing also gave specific dates that are necessary for community investors to note: 

First, eligible customers should start registration for airdrops from 5th July– 12th August. The release of airdrops will take place from 7th July– 13th August.

For customers that have pre-ordered the  Nothing phone (1), registration will take place from 12th July– 12th August while the release of airdrops will be from 12th July– 13th August. 

About Nothing’s Collaboration with Polygon

Nothing partnered with Polygon to release the Community Dots NFT project. Polygon on the other hand is a network built on the Ethereum blockchain that facilitates faster transactions and makes use of low gas consumption. 

Polygon is one of the most reliable blockchain networks because it makes transactions faster and only requires low gas fees.

Although Polygon has worked with several brands such as fashion, automotive, sportswear e.t.c, this is the first time the company is partnering with an electronics company to launch an NFT collection.

According to the co-founder of Polygon– Sandeep Nailwal– “it is immensely encouraging to see an innovator like Nothing embrace Web3 from the get-go enabling direct access to Web3.”

Looking Ahead

Nothing plans to get its phone category and other devices ready to put in place sustainable and secure access to web3 in the future.

In an email statement, Carl Pei, the founder of Nothing said with Nothing Community Dots, the company is using web3 technology to create a meaningful connection with their community.

Nothing has also partnered with polygon to deliver an accessible and sustainable web3 experience.

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