Sony Introduces Tiki Guy NFT Drop for Their Virtual Reality Display

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Global electronic giant, Sony recently launched the “Tiki Guy” NFT. Sony displayed the newly launched NFT on Spatial Reality Display (SRD)screen last month. And it is safe to assume that this brings augmented reality one step closer!

Concerning the Tiki Guy NFT Drop

There are only 510 Tiki Male NFTs overall. Furthermore, the NFT has a 3D asset that holders can exhibit on the SRD. The designer of the Tiki Guy stated that:

“The original purpose was to make them as terrifying as achievable to frighten away ‘Evil Spirits’. The NFTs contain ‘Mana’, a non-secular electricity of power and toughness. Also, between the 50s and 60s in the US, the Polynesian lifestyle entered pop society with ‘Tiki Bars’ and other varieties of artwork. Currently, it continues to be an exciting and kitschy artwork type in the US.” Interested individuals can get their arms on the NFT for only $100.

In addition, you can also purchase the Tiki Guy pack without an SRD. But this is limited to just 10 copies, and they contain a unique Tiki Guy NFT and a Sony Spatial Reality Display (SRD).

Sony launched the Tiki Guy NFT on ThetaDrop, the NFT marketplace operated by Theta Labs. NFT lovers recognize ThetaDrop as the marketplace that distributed Katy Perry’s Genesis NFT collection. In addition to the “American Idol,” “World Poker Tour,” and “The Price is Right” NFTs. Sony is introducing people to the Sony metaverse and solidifying the company’s position in web3 by deploying this NFT.

Sony’s metaverse moves

Recall that Sony announced on the 18th of May that it would play a pivotal role in the the metaverse. According to a report by Reuters. Two-thirds of Sony’s operating income last year came from its movie, music, and gaming initiatives. This figure shows the company’s transition from a consumer electronics producer to a “metaverse-ready entertainment powerhouse,”. The report also noted that Sony has showed a newer and friendly attitude to gaming. The electronic giant has allowed cross-play on Fortnite for the past four years. Furthermore, Sony enabled other devices apart from its play station to host Epic Games’ V-Bucks. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, stated on Twitter that PlayStation has played a significant role in the social gaming revolution, which is fostering the creation of the metaverse as a new entertainment medium.

Sony has also broadened its attention beyond single-player video games such as “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” by acquiring Bungie, the developer of the online multiplayer shooter “Destiny,” in January. Yoshida stated, “We believe it will be a catalyst for enhancing our live service game capabilities… It is a significant step forward in becoming multi-platform.”

Sony and the owner of Lego invested $2 billion in Epic Games in April, increasing the company’s valuation to $31.5 billion. This investment is intended to strengthen the metaverse collaboration Epic struck with Lego in early April, and it comes at a time when many digital businesses are attempting to establish a presence in these virtual worlds.

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