888 Inner Circle NFT: All You need to Know

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888 also known as @crypto888crypto’s Inner Circle NFT is represented by a Twitter account screenshot showing 88.8k followers. Eight, 888 editions of this image were created to celebrate the 88.8K followers on Twitter. Each NFT token costs about $217.9.

Although the design of the 888 NFT artwork isn’t so elaborate, it is still sold at a fast rate. Currently, there are over two thousand 888 inner circle owners. 

What is the 888 Inner Circle NFT?

The 888 inner circles were founded by 888, an anonymous NFT expert and influencer. He released his first NFT collection when he got up to 88.8k followers on Twitter. 

888 also released the genesis token when he saw the need for members of different communities to come together and celebrate those artists they cherish in a better way.

Thus, the 888 Genesis token was created for commemoration. The token has a base price of 0.2 ETH and a trading volume of 20.6k ETH.

The holders of the token usually received a Jasen seife NFT as an airdrop in the past as an incentive for being a member of the inner circle. Reports say that the next airdrops will be the: Genesis #4: Cool Cats × 888 NFT and Steve Aoki NFT. 

There are also other benefits available for a holder of the token such as unlimited membership access to the 888 inner, exclusive art collections, giveaways etc.

888 adds value to its NFT by working together with different blockchain platforms, celebrities, NFT projects e.t.c., to provide more fascinating benefits for its members.

Who are the Guardians of the 8 Realms?

To open up the inner circle to more participants, 888 launched a new membership NFT on the 8th of February 2022. This new NFT is more affordable and costs about 0.0888 ETH with about 80,000 NFTs available.

The 888 inner circle team grouped the new NFTs into 8 realms with each realm. They also assigned each of the groups to a guardian with a unique identification color.

The guardians of the various realms in the 888 inner circle are as follows:

  • Web 3 domain platform
  • NFT platform and recur
  • Blockchain game studio
  • The Instagram platform NFT
  • Gala games
  • The flare blockchain
  • NFT advocate and entrepreneur, Paris Hilton
  • NFT studio, Jadu

The guardians also have exclusive utilities available for members of their realms.

Looking Ahead

If you would like to be part of the 888 inner circle, there is still an opportunity to gain entrance since the application is now open to artists and other NFT projects that would like to join the team.

The collaboration portal provides an opportunity for different artists around the world to work with the 888 team and develop drops for the inner circle.

 888 also has a digital marketplace known as “the 888 new world” that was built by artists and has gained investments from various individuals and organizations such as Paris Hilton, RTFKT studios, and many others.

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