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Heard of the Otherside land mint that grounded the Ethereum network? Well, that’s what we will be covering in today’s article. Before we go into details on the Otherdeed NFTs let’s do a brief historical recap.

Details of the Otherside land mint

Now, Yuga Labs announced that the Otherside land sale would take place on April 30. And the following were details given about the sale of the land.

  • “The mint will be exclusively in ApeCoin, though you’ll need some ETH for gas. You’ll want both in the wallet you used for the KYC.“
  • “Mint will be Dutch auction style, so the ApeCoin price will decline over time. The starting price of the Dutch auction will be announced later this week.“
  • “Only those who were KYC-approved can mint in the auction.“
  • “BAYC and MAYC holders, you’ll be able to claim an NFT for 21 days after the auction. You don’t need to be KYC-approved to claim, but you DO need to be KYC-approved to mint in the auction.“
  • “Whatever ApeCoin is earned from this auction will be locked up for one year. That means no voting with it in the ApeCoin DAO either.“

On the actual day of the mint, the Ethereum network took a hit from the traffic that accompanied the mint. Even the Ethereum block explorer was not spared from the effect of the congestion from the mint. Which even led to a gas war and a sharp spike in gas fees in the ethereum blockchain. Although experts believe that these outrageous gas fees were avoidable if the Yuga labs team did their homework. But the response to the mint was very much unexpected and no one would have predicted the fall-out that followed.

Otherside Lands

Now that we have seen the brief history surrounding the land mint. I would like to explore the lands Minted in the Otherside land sale. Information from the official website shows that the Otherside is a part galaxy and part archipelago. This means that the Otherside metaverse will have Islands that extend from the Biogenic swamp at the center.

Otherdeed NFTs

The Otherdeed NFT is dynamic and has a collection of all of its elements, from resources to Kodas. Rather than a static representation of a piece of land, your Otherdeed evolves along with your activities in the game.

Otherdeed Features

Otherdeed Tiers

Now there are five sediments that lands are built upon in the Otherside and each of these are ranked in a tier system. Each of these sediments are a unique blend of environment, sediment, and treasures. Depending on the tier, the sediments come with resources, powerful artifacts, and on a very few (that is those from higher tiers), a Koda roams. 

Alright, let us see the different sediments and their unique characteristics

Infinite Expanse Sludge (Tier 1)

As tier-one sediment, the Infinite expanse of sludge has few resources and artifacts. The only artifact in this sediment is the Celestial egg. And it has no Koda roaming it. This is the least sediment on the Otherside.

Cosmic Dream Bog (Tier 2)

Artifact: celestial heart

Koda: yes 

Resources: pestilia, kinsoul

 Rainbow Atmos Obsidian (Tier 3)

Artifact: Mecha Piece

Koda: yes

Resources: Glowpod, Spiritseep

Chemical Goo Luster (Tier 4)

Artifact : Mystical crown,

Koda :none

Resources : Scumbria, Nocturnis, Luminite

Biogenic Swamp Crimson (Tier 5)

Artifact: Glass eye

Koda: yes

Resources: Oblivion, Bahamia, Ragnarock and Pestilia

What do we know about the visitors from afar (Koda)

Little is said about the Kodas, which are the primal beings that ushers the player into the Otherside. According to the official website “We don’t know why they’ve brought us here, or what their affinity to this land is”. But the player is warned to thread carefully if he ever meets one of the creatures.

Otherside natural resources

Every piece of land in the Otherside has four natural resources that are replenishing they include;

  • Anima (Research)
  • Ore (metal)
  • Shard (stone)
  • Root (wood)

The resources vary in rarity and you can harvest and utilize them.

Otherside Artifacts

Otherside have rare artifacts scattered throughout the lands, some of which cannot be crafted by any other means. There is not much said about them, so If you find an artifact, know that it may hold secrets to this world as it expands.

Otherside Characters 

 Otherside is interoperable. The game permits characters from other NFT collections. According to the information on the website: The game will provide all BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, and CryptoPunks holders with Otherside-ready 3D models of their NFTs at game launch, available as playable characters. The developers also promise that Meebits are coming too, and will be provided with any updates required to make them adventure-ready in Otherside. Everyone else, will be able to import and create their own characters via the SDK.

According to the official website, an SDK will allow creators to make things for the Otherside as well as sell them in the game’s marketplace. The things that can be built on the SDK are not just characters, but also outfits, tools, structures, and even games.

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