Confti Club – The Crowdfunding Ownership Solution for Blue-Chip NFTs 

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Confti Club is the all-in-one NFT crowdfunding and division protocol that enables prospective NFT investors to divide and co-own famed NFTs. Thereby resolving the lack of liquidity problem caused by the price increase of blue-chip NFTs.

The open protocol comprises a set of Ethereum-based smart contracts that allow users to explore NFT issuance, renting, collateralized lending, and trading opportunities. And with these services the protocol meets the needs of all NFT investors comprehensively.

Confti club Services

Confti has already released its NFT Party and Division solutions, which permit groups of like-minded investors to purchase pricey NFTs via crowdfunding. The protocol’s embedded smart contracts and fractionalization separates the NFT into fungible components.

Many NFT investors have the practical challenge of finding like-minded investors to work with. Confti’s Party service overcomes this problem by providing a DAO solution with governance capabilities that enable persons with similar beliefs to locate each other. From this location, the Confti DAO system enables users to undertake a wide variety of decentralized governance tasks.

Confti DAO host Confti partiesfor individual NFT enthusiasts who seek to co-finance the acquisition of an expensive NFT. DAOs who also wish to recruit such individuals in order to do so. Here, there are no platform fees, and it saves data on the blockchain via smart contracts.

As its name implies, the Division solution pertains to users earning partial ownership and rights over assets when their respective ‘Party’ wins an NFT auction or mints an NFT. Division solution also gives users all benefits incorporated within the asset, like dividends, governance voting rights, and airdrops. And this is in proportion to their investment in obtaining the asset.

Obviously, such fractional NFT ownership shares are traded on DEXs, CEXs, and NFT marketplaces. Confti Parties can currently bid on NFTs on Zora and Foundation, with OpenSea support coming soon.

Confti collects 0% in platform fees, but 2.5 percent for PartyBid operations (the crowdfunding portion), 1.5 percent for NFT Division, and 2 percent for fractionalization.

Moving Forward

Each Confti DAO has a Vault whose value is determined by the fractioned NFT. DAO members can grow the value of their Vault through decentralized governance. But Confti will also allow sales of single NFTs, collateralized loans, renting, P2P, and more to enhance the Vault’s worth.

As the PartyBid service does not offer issuance or trading. Confti will shortly launch a separate NFT issuance and trading feature to fulfill the needs of investors with time-sensitive investments. In this case, the additional capabilities will provide users with a greater competitive edge in ongoing NFT marketplace transactions. And they will also function as a means of drawing more prominent figures to the platform.

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