Gents Croquet Club: The NFT Club with day 1 utility

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Most NFT projects are PFPs or digital artworks that sometimes do not have real-world utility. And most of them are minted on dedicated DeFi blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, etc. But there is a new project in the block that is every shade different from NFT projects as we know them – the Gents Croquet Club.

Furthermore, this club is not like the usual NFT club such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, bound by ownership of NFTs. But a real community, whose bond comes from real-life activities such as business, networking and mentorship. The GCC is more of an exclusive, fraternity-like club whose membership comes from holding an NFT. So in this case the NFT is not the focus but the activities that are part of the club’s membership.

The creator of the project is Iman Gadzi, a YouTuber famous for going from a high school dropout to being a millionaire via his firm The Agency, and the e-learning industry. In this article, we will be taking a deep dive into this amazing community and uncovering some important facts about it. 

What is The Gents Croquet Club (GCC)?

In the words of the creator Iman Gadzi, the GCC is “a project with so much utility that even if the floor price  3x or 5x people will still not sell”. This clearly shows that the value is not in the NFT you hold. In reality, there is actually no PFP or JPEG attached to the project. Rather, the GCC token is a utility token that gives users access to all the perks associated with this exclusive club. In this case, the NFT held by the members of the club is just like the fraternity ring that serves as an identity for members. But unlike the frat ring, this symbol of membership has the potential to increase in value. 

Another thing that stands the GCC out from other NFT projects is that this unique project is minted in USDC and not in ETH. 

Membership Requirements of the GCC

Now, the GCC operates like an exclusive, luxury club where membership spaces are limited and new members endure a thorough, and selective assessment before they are accepted. At the moment, to join the whitelist, you have to go through a discovery call where the team will assess you based on certain criteria. According to Gadzi, the pre-launch whitelist is open to just five new members who the team will interview to decide if they suit the objectives of the products. He also added that the team will assess the new member to know if he is a flipper, someone that will add value to the community, and a high-level person.

The floor price also makes the membership more exclusive. It is pegged at $4500 USDC which is roughly equal to that amount in dollars. Furthermore, the maximum supply is set at 975 GCC NFTs, meaning that there are only 975 spaces left for new members. Additionally, the limited number of spaces makes the token scarce and increases its value. But since the club’s focus is not to pump the token, members just enjoy the features and perks that their membership offers rather than focusing on the token price as is seen in other projects. 

Gadzi likens GCC membership to purchasing a top of the line luxury watch. You have to prove to the watch company why they should sell you the watch. GCC also uses this model, you have to prove to the team that you have enough quality to add to the community. According to Gadzi “this might sound harsh but we want only quality people”.

Finally, the team is strict with membership in the discord group. The new member will take a discovery call and following this the team will make their selection. 

The Structure of the Gents Croquet Club.

The basic structure of the club is its exclusivity and the premium placed on accepting quality members into the community. But that is not all, the club is built on 4 basic cornerstones. 

  1. Wealth creation.

This is one of the core focus of the GCC. long-term wealth generation and maintaining sustainable currency growth even in adverse economic conditions like a recession.

  1.   Brotherhood

The GCC has an exclusive community that unfortunately is not open to everybody. According to Gadzi, “this is the most important feature of the exclusive club. And this feature aims at having a broader community that has each other’s back and has a common mission. The rigorous screening process for new members makes the club an A1 network of high achievers. The brotherhood also provides everyone in the community the team they need to build their dream life.

The brotherhood comes with some perks that include:

  • A private digital and physical mastermind for those fighting for the real world.
  • Priceless insights and opportunities in business, wealth generation, income generation, social life, etc.
  • A circle of winners and high achievers pushing each other to do more.
  1. Mentorship

The Gents Croquet Club provides unfiltered, uncensored, raw and insightful mentorship from its expert members. As part of the mentorship, members will enjoy- uncensored sessions with expert guest speakers, and trade secrets and advise from these experts. 

  1. Freedom

As a member of the GCC you are provided with the information and guidance needed to achieve personal freedom. To achieve this, the club has put several measures in place through their partners and network. This include:

  • Establishing tax-free residency.
  • Acquiring multiple passports and residencies for its members, and 
  • Having fail-safes in place.

Unique features of the Gents Croquet club

Now, let us look at the several features that stand this club out from the others, they include:

  1. The Unfair Advantage.

The creator Iman Gadzi came into the crypto space in 2020 as a novice who knew next to nothing about crypto and NFTs. But he did not take the usual route of learning all the concepts and technical analysis etc. Rather he employed the services of an expert market researcher who helped him grow his crypto portfolio to $7 million between 2020 – 2021. This growth comes from exclusive trading ideas and information about when to invest long before it gets to the influencers and the general crypto market. Now, Gadzi has expanded this team to include top-notch NFT researchers, and metaverse/ virtual real estate researchers to provide the best market information and trading insights. And this opportunity is exclusively for members of the club.

  1. The Board of Advisors

This is made up of highly successful, world-class experts and mentors. They will also address the community without any restrictions and every member will have exclusive access to them and their content.

Furthermore, a portion of the mint revenue and royalties will go towards hiring expert guest speakers who will share their valuable growth insights with the community.

  1. The Vault 

Finally, the vault will hold all the valuable content in the community such as the reports, Board of Advisors recordings, and online topics taught by guest speakers. Now this vault is only accessible by members of the club. It has a custom platform that connects to your metamask wallet and automatically authenticates your GCC NFT and gives you access to the vault.

The vault also gives users access to several other things such as the voting system for guest speakers, and a meet-up system for all members of the community. 

Going Forward

There is currently no released roadmap for the project but from the much we have about the project, it shows so much promise and would definitely be here in the long run. As for its sustainability, the project will continue to build and utility through the mint and royalty revenue.


For the first time, we have an NFT project that derives its utility from its activities and not the collection. The GCC doesn’t even have a JPEG or PFP, so its floor price is not rising and falling based on the number of investors buying into the project. But in this case, it becomes more valuable as it creates more products for users. This is indeed the exclusive luxury club with the element of crypto and blockchain technology.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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