Lost Poets NFT: All you need to know

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If you’re tired of algorithm-generated NFTs, here’s something different for you. There are 65,536 Poets from 1,024 different Origins in the Lost Poets NFT collection. Each NFT is made in a unique way by an AI that was made just for this purpose. Intrigued?

The Lost Poets NFT collection works like this:

Many people who make things today build on each other’s ideas and add new parts to old ones. Not Murat Pak, though. This one-of-a-kind idea came from the mind of a very smart person. At the height of the NFT boom, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that it stood out right away. So who exactly are these Lost Poets?

A long time ago, there were many poets waiting to be found on the dusty shelves of the Library of Babel. They go to each of the 256 hidden shelves and wait patiently. On September 3, 2021, the poets were finally found, ending the long wait. Since they don’t use modular parts, each of the 65,536 Lost Poets is unique, different, and high-tech.

At first, the Lost Poets NFT airdrop will be available to wallets with 25 or more $ASH tokens. Those who missed the airdrop snapshot will be able to get into the pre-sale if they have 25 $ASH tokens. In the end, the 48-hour sale was over in just two hours because fans from all over the world bought all 65,536 poets. You can look at them on OpenSea, where the floor price is currently 0.229 ETH and there is 30k ETH worth of trades.

During the sale, each collector was put into a group based on how many Pages NFTs they had. The top 100 collectors will each get a certain number of Origin tokens based on where they are on the leaderboard.

After a few weeks had passed since the sale, ACT II (The Reveal) began. The Lost Poets NFT owners will only be able to see a small portion of their poets’ traits. Over time, more features will start to show, and the whole product will become clear.

See the secret Road Map.

As part of the process of revealing themselves, the Lost Poets will also be able to say more. What good are poets who don’t say anything?

In Act III (The Explorer), as more Lost Poets’ NFT traits come to life, the collectors will learn more about how the game works. In this stage, Pages can be given to the Lost Poets by collectors. With each Page, people who collect them will be able to change their names, and poets will be able to say more words.

As this process plays out, the uniqueness and rarity of the NFTs will change. But the story doesn’t end there. In Act IV, there will be one last twist. Still, no one knows what will happen just yet.

All of the Lost Poets NFTs will reach their final form after 365 days. Also, everyone who collected will get their $ASH rewards. For most collectors, this will be the end of their journey. Pak has saved a few Origin Poets to sell in the future or give away on special occasions to people who are lucky enough to get them.

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