Press Release: Meta Pylon to launch a new way of showcasing NFTs in the metaverse

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Tokyo, June 17, 2022 — Meta Pylon is launching a feature to recognize users’ nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as stickers and attach them to 3D objects in the metaverse to create entirely new NFTs. It hopes to encourage NFT holders to participate in the metaverse through 5,555 on-chain interactive, minted NFTs. 

Meta Pylon NFTs are available to purchase in July 2022. 

Meta Pylon is a Japanese NFT to help display NFTs in the metaverse. By offering 3D cones via NFTs, Meta Pylon lets users display their in-wallet NFTs to others, fostering a more social experience for all. Learn how it works here.

Meta Pylon solves NFT art industry-specific challenges: Typically, when NFTs are purchased, they’re held only in wallets and never shown off. 

Meta Pylon fixes this with its Pylon digital cone NFTs: By attaching regular NFTs to them, users can create original 3D Pylon NFTs to showcase their NFT collections in the metaverse. 

Meta Pylon also offers an original sticker park through collaboration with various creators, other NFT projects and artists. Each Meta Pylon NFT owner gets a sticker pack.

When using the feature, attached NFTs cannot be removed and the sticker is owned by the Pylon NFT holder. 

A new market

Meta Pylon is crafting demand in a current market dominated by NFT collections such as profile picture projects. Combining multiple NFTs to create new NFTs will drive a new trend and also drive future real-life products in real pylons for NFT holders to receive.

About Meta Pylon

Meta Pylon collaborates with Wooltrakey NFT studio. The team includes the collage artist Sato Masahiro, commonly known as Q-TA, who has worked on Gucci’s #GucciGram project and the Disney campaign Alice Through the Looking Glass. 

Meta Pylon wants to become a symbol of creativity, culture and freedom. Wooltrakey is collaborating with many NFTs and creators through Meta Pylon to provide various community-engagement projects in real life and the metaverse. 

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