Web3 NYC Gallery: A remote gallery for Digital artists

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Artists can now showcase their NFTs remotely at the Web3 NYC Gallery.

At a new NFT gallery in Manhattan, New York City, the Web3 NYC Gallery, digital artists can show and sell their NFTs in a physical art gallery without ever having to come to the United States.

The “Web3 NYC Gallery ” is launching a collection of 300 Genesis NFTs with the help of NFT display pioneers, Tokenframe. And only artists who own one of these NFTs will be able to display their art in the gallery. Some artists will will show off their work on a 10-inch Collector’s Club display, while others will use a 21.5-inch Degen Club display or a 43-inch Alpha Club display.

Genesis NFT holders won’t have to pay rent-like fees every month to have their NFTs displayed. Instead, they only have to make a one-time payment for their Genesis NFT, which costs between 1.5 ETH and 2 ETH for 10-inch displays and between 5 ETH and 10 ETH for 21.5-inch displays. The 43-inch NFTs will each go in a different direction because they are being sold privately at prices that are not listed.

Genesis NFT holders will be able to use the Web3 NYC Gallery’s software, which will let them choose which of their digital works they want to show. They can do this for free from the comfort of their own homes, no matter where in the world they are.

The gallery to add support for other blockchains

For now, artists’ only restriction is that their NFT must live on the Ethereum blockchain. But in the future, Tokenframe plans to add support for other blockchains like Tezos and Solana.

Furthermore, buyers will NFTs in-store using QR codes for the transaction, and tech-savvy employees will be on hand to help customers set up a wallet and learn how to buy and manage NFTs in general.

Web3 NYC Gallery opened on the 15th of June at 510 5th Avenue in Manhattan. A place where artists in and around New York can go to appreciate digital art.

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