Who is Series: Maison Ghost

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  • What we know about the channel, its focus, the description, and the Maison Ghost community.
  • The face behind the channel, the influencer, and what we know about him: a did into his socials.
  • Lamar Mahmuzic’s view and approach to the NFT market from his social media content.


Alright, we are here again for the second part of the “Who is” series. And in this part we will be highlighting an NFT community known as Maison Ghost. And we will answer some questions on the influencer and his views about the NFT marketplace. It promises to be an interesting piece.

What Do We Know About Maison Ghost?

Maison Ghost’s main niche is Twitter and then a Discord channel for the community. Now from the twitter handle there are some things we know about this influencer.

  • First off, form his twitter bio Maison is really s ghost. There isn’t much personal information about the influencer. Except that he is an NFT collector who love dogs.
  • Maison Ghost does not do paid promos for NFT projects. His focus os on NFT information and giveaways.
  • He has just been in the NFT space since january 2022 but already boasts of over 317k followers.
  • Maison Ghost has a Discord channel. But it is a private channel where new members are only added via private invites only.
  • The influencer also has a specially dedicated handle for giveaways apart form the main Twitter handle. 

The Ghostletter: Maison Ghost’s Newsletter

The Ghostletter is the official newletter of Maison Ghost’s community. According to info from the homepage,”The Ghostletter is an exclusive club of people receving alpha and giveaways for the top projects”. It seems the newsletter was recently launched because so far, it ha no publication.

Maison Giveaways: Maison Ghost’s giveaway channel

The Maison Giveaways Twitter handle is just barely a month old and it has over 179k followers! This is massive. Well, no wonder he is an influencer. Moreover, the handle is dedicated to just giveaways so it is expected to have a lot of following.

Maison Ghost Instagram page 

Maison Ghost’s Instagram page has the same bio as the Twitter page. The page looks recent but already has 13k followers, with just 17 posts.

The Face Behind Maison Ghost 

There isn’t much personal details about the face behind the Maison Ghost handle on Twitter. But the Instagram page has a link to his personal Instagram page and we will be exploring that to get some info about him.  

About Maison Ghost

  1. Maison Ghost is actually Lamar Mahmuzic. And he lives in the Republic of Malta.
  2. Lamar is an NFT collector and also a Music DJ with the stage name JRL. so apart from being an influencer he is into music.
  3. He turned 26, April 18 this year.
  4. Apart from being an NFT influencer and collector, and a DJ, Lamar is also a marketer with ClassyBeef. An iGaming company with an online Casino live stream on Twitch.

Lamar’s Approach to the NFT market- Maison Ghost Discord Server

Much of the community’s activities happen on its Discord server. The first striking thing about the community is its broad reach. It has an option for users from different parts of the world with its “chose a role channel” that offers as many as 14 languages. So this amazing NFT community is open to users from many parts o the world, no wonder it has over 35k users.

The activities in the discord server reveals Maison Ghost’s approach to the NFT market. And they include the following critical areas.

NFT Education

Now, the major NFT education drive of Maison Ghost is via its Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with the creators or dev teams of various NFT projects. In these sessions Lamar and the Ghost community ask relevant questions about the project and it helps the community make investment decisions. The beauty of this community is that these sessions are recorded for those who missed them. what this means is that, for example if a user wants to invest in a project he could go back to listen to the AMA before makin the decision. As part of educating the community and NFT investors, Maison Ghost also releases alpha information on upcoming projects.

NFT News and Update

The community has a channel that gives the latest, up-to-date info and news on the NFT markets.

Guides and Trading Advise

Maison Ghost community has dedicated channels to info on upcoming projects on Solana and Ethereum blockchains. So users are updated on upcoming projects and can buy in early and profit from the projects. There is also the call channel that calls NFT trades for members who wish to trade in NFTs. The calls are quite detailed and most of them have proven to be profitable.

The Discord server has a Channel that publishes guides for the community on how to start investing in NFTs. There are also comprehensive guides on how to mint and invest in NFTs on several blockchains such as Solana and Ethereum.

Finally beyond the NFTs there are other avenues for socialization such as discussion channels on topics such as memes, health, food, fitness, tattoos, crypto, anime, music and fashion.


Finally, Lamar Mahmuzic is the face behind the Maison Ghost community which is less than a year old. The community is a broad and exciting one focused on AMA’s, NFT news, and guides for both holders and traders. His AMA approach is useful for investors because it gives investors enough information from the creators and the developing team.

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