Who Is Series: The Parallax

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  • Introduction to the who is series and the first part that deals with the Parallax.
  • What we know about the channel, its focus, the description, and the number of users.
  • The face behind the channel, the Influencer, and what we know about him: a dig into his Socials.
  • Patrick’s views and approach to the NFT market from his social media content. 


Before we go on, let me briefly say a few things about this series. The Who is Series will be beaming the torchlight on several founders and YouTube influencers. Our focus will also be on what is known about them and most importantly their approach to the NFT marketplace.

That said, in this first part of the series the buck stops at a YouTube channel that has a huge influence in the NFT community- The Parallax. And we will answer several questions about the influencer behind this channel and his approach to the NFT marketplace. It is certainly going to be a great one.

What Do We Know About The Parallax?

Looking at the home page of the YouTube channel reveals a lot about The Parallax.

  1. The focus of the channel is clearly stated there. And it covers three things NFT, crypto, and web 3. We will talk about the content focus later on in this piece.
  2. As of the time of writing, the Parallax has 13.9K subscribers, which is a modest number and it can be called an NFT influencer.
  3. The Parallax has a dedicated Discord channel. But there are two Twitter accounts linked to the channel. One of them is the Parallax’s official Twitter channel while the other is the handle of the face behind the channel. We will talk about this later on in this article.
  4. Now we will see what the about section of the Parallax reveals about the channel. First off, it reveals that the channel was launched on November 21, 2021. The description of the Channel states that: The Parallax is a media company committed to helping you navigate the new frontier of NFTs, Web3, and crypto.
Who Is Series: The Parallax
  1. Finally, the page shows that so far the page has garnered over 490,000 views for its content.

The Face behind the Parallax YouTube Channel: What the socials tell us

We earlier saw that the homepage of the Parallax listed two Twitter accounts. We will be exploring that and the dedicated Discord page in this section.

The first Twitter account  @TheParallaxHQ leads us to the official Parallax Twitter page 

Who Is Series: The Parallax

The Twitter page identifies as a decentralized web3 media project with over 74k followers, which is way higher than the YouTube subscriptions. 

His View and approach to the NFT market

The Twitter account which was set up in January 2022,  is dedicated to promoting various projects and majorly hosting giveaways for various NFT projects.

The second Twitter handle @patrickdang takes you to the personal page of the face behind the YouTube page. It reveals that the face behind the channel is Patrick Dang.

Who Is Series: The Parallax

Patrick and the Parallax view and approach to the NFT market

Patrick was born and raised in LA and then moved to Vietnam three years ago. He joined Twitter in 2012 and has over 77k followers. From what we know, he has been in the NFT space as a YouTube Influencer for just one year. And this is clear from the age of the amazing community he has built known as the Parallax. Some of his tweets actually reveal his ideas about the NFT market and we will be looking at some of them. But first off, we will cover some things about Patrick, the parallax as a community before examining his approach to the NFT market.

Patrick’s Idea About Influencing and NFT Education
The Parallax Youtube Channel
Patrick Dang. Source: Parallax YouTube Channel

Patrick’s main Aspiration is to be a voice to the people, the one to ask the tough questions and to take the fall for the questions. So, in a space where we have some influencers with hidden vested interests and a lot of involvement in pump and dump schemes. Patrick also stands out as a humane influencer with the community at heart.

Transparency, honesty and trust are three attributes that Patrick is strong on. he also adds that his ambition is to inspire others. According to him “My answer: inspire others. always has been, always will be”. And from what he stands for he is one influencer you need to follow for objective angles to NFT projects.

The Parallax: A great NFT Community

First off, the YouTube channel has some great features: superb video production and editing style. The amount of research that also go into each of these videos gives you the confidence that you are getting premium NFT info. Furthermore, the community built around the YouTube channel on Discord is even more amazing. Here is Patrick’s dream for the community:

I aspire for The Parallax to be the voice of the people. We’ll be ones to muster up the courage to ask the questions everyone is thinking. We’ll also be the ones who’ll take the bullet as a result

Some members of the community testify to how amazing it has been in their NFT journey.

Who Is Series: The Parallax
Who Is Series: The Parallax
Who Is Series: The Parallax

From these testimonials it is clear that Parallax has a strong community that anyone in the NFT space will interested to be a part of.

That said, we will now consider Patrick Dang’s approach to the NFT market.

What do most people want in an NFT project?

From what we have seen so far it is clear that Patrick believes in a strong community built on transparency and honesty aimed at inspiring others. He also believes that most people in the NFT space want just two things in an NFT project. And this includes a place to make money and a strong community to belong.

What he thinks about most NFT projects founders and Influencers.

Patrick’s ideas about investing in NFT projects is full of honesty. He advocates for carefulness before investing in projects. This carefulness can be found in some of his tweets.

First he said: “As an investor of some sorts, I’m looking for reasons to not buy a project especially because most will go to zero in the long term”.

Now, this does not mean Patrick has a problem with a lot of NFT projects, far from it. What he wants to achieve from that tweet is the popular advise in the crypto space. Which is “before you invest make sure you do your own research (DYOR)”. He further added a slant to the need to DYOR in another tweet. “Skeptical on anyone who uses the phrase “game theory” to encourage speculation and drive sales into their NFT project”.

Patrick’s advise on DYOR also extends to founders and influencers, because it determines projects you will invest in. This is what he said:

“Keep skeptical eye on project founders and influencers (including me!) The NFT community is not what it seems. A lot of people are literally out here to take your money and put it in their pocket”. 

Furthermore, we have seen so many projects pump and dump, making away with the community’s investment. Well, he has some ideas why many NFT projects fail.

According to him: “a lot of projects fall off because their foundation was built on gimmicks and price pumping tactics”. He also adds that these projects never really earned their pumped position and market corrections revealed their inherent value.

Speaking on questioning the utility of NFT projects before investing in them he said: “If an NFT collection is like seed funding for a project, does it make sense to ask “what’s the utility” VCs and angel investors are not asking for a WL marketplace 1 week after deploying capital. Realistically, short term gimmicks distract from long term building”. He has a long term approach to investing in projects and giving them time to mature before yielding returns.

Patrick Dang’s NFT Red Flags

Patrick Dang has five NFT red flags to look out for in an NFT project.

  1. Launching token right after mint
  2.  Building a P2E MMORPG
  3.  Say they are going for a IP play but their PFP is lackluster
  4.  Try to build 4 companies at the same time


Finally we have seen the influencer who is behind the Parallax YouTube channel, Patrick Dang. His views and ideas about the NFT market. And he can be summarized as an honest, transparent and community oriented influencer, who advocates for carefulness before investing in NFT projects.

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