ArcheWorld Launches Alpha testing Phase

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As the epic open-world fantasy saga ArcheWorld moves into its alpha testing phase, you can expect some high-octane blockchain-based MMORPG action.

The ArcheWorld Alpha test to give players chance to earn

This brings with it a lot of chances for early access to this amazing new world and gives fans the chance to earn some tasty rewards first.

Building on the huge success of its ArcheAge series, Korean developer XL Games will bring the franchise to the Web3 arena with a fantastical world of NFT ownership and blockchain-based tokenomics. The end goal is to make a world that is fully immersive and has its own system for running itself.

So, later this month, players will be able to get down to business in the ArcheWorld universe and start their extreme adventures. Those who have the guts to finish all the test missions will have a chance to earn $BSLT. 

Clever adventurers must first get an AlphaPass to activate a test account and join the fun. Then, the big ArcheWorld adventure will start when those brave pioneers enter a fantastic virtual world where only the most courageous souls will find death and glory.

The brave get early access!

Adventure fans and NFT fans can jump right into the action on July 28 when the long-awaited alpha testing phase starts. But only people with the sought-after access pass will be able to get into this tremendous early-bird environment.

So, this gate will be free to those with the knowledge and luck to win. So, as we head into July, the sword-wielding warrior has two options as they prepare to enter the ArcheWorld domain. Both are free for those who know about them and utterly soul-bound to the holder’s wallet.

Option No. 1: NFT holders get free airdrops

This part was the easiest and most reliable way to get a juicy AlphaPass. As a result, all ArcheWorld Fandom Card NFT holders automatically got the wanted item through a planned airdrop.

So, creators took a snapshot by 00:00 KST on July 7, giving a little extra time in case something went wrong, and airdrops were subsequently disbursed around 6 pm that same day.

Option 2: Enter the Missions sweepstakes and see if you win.

There is an additional chance for those who don’t have an ArcheWorld NFT. Those who complete a series of missions can join in on the fun and play the game, and they also have a chance to win some more physical and virtual prizes.

Blockchain adventurers must first sign up and verify wallets to participate. Then, they must join the BORA and ArcheWorld Discord channels and fill out the entry form to finish the application. ArcheWorld will pick 125 lucky testers randomly during testing, and five will get a goody bag of ArcheWorld merchandise. Those who aren’t fortunate will have their entries carried over to next week.

ArcheWorld’s Path to the Future

Later this year, Korean company XL Games will bring its signature services to a broader audience. It will try to use its vast 20 million user base to take advantage of the new blockchain gaming era.

So, fans of the franchise will be able to interact with this expanded universe by owning land, houses, player characters, pets, vehicles, and more in the form of NFTs while enjoying the benefits of a grand in-game economy built around the ARCHEUM gaming token. 

Gamers can trade the ticket for NFTs or $BSLT and $BORA coins. Virtual adventures from all over the world are experiencing an exciting time.

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