ArcheWorld Launches its Alpha Phase of Testing

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ArcheWorld, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) is set to launch its alpha phase of testing. And this is a golden opportunity for the early birds to get involved and start earning amazing benefits.

About ArcheWorld

The ArcheAge series, built by a Korean developer XL Games, aims to create a system of decentralization in the web3 space where individuals will be able to own NFTs and tokens. 

To play the game, adventurers will need to have the AlphaPass in possession to unlock a test account. And with the AlphaPass, players can now have access to the virtual world to start playing the game.

The ArcheWorld Alpha Testing Phase Will Begin on the 28th of July

Starting from the 28th of July, interested players and NFT enthusiasts can hop in to participate in the Alpha Testing Phase. The game will also give players a chance to win $BLST.

However, the adventurers will only be able to play the game when they have the access pass in possession which will allow them to get into the virtual world.

The AlphaPass will be available for free for those with the ArcheWorld Fandom Card NFTs and also for the lucky ones.

How to get Access to the ArcheWorld Alpha Pass

There are two options available for players to get access to the AlphaPass:

Option One

The first option available to get access to the AlphaPass is to get hold of the ArcheWorld Fandom NFT. This is the simplest and best option available.

Holders of the ArcheWorld NFT are to take a snapshot of their NFTs at 00:00 am KST on the 7th of July to qualify for a free NFT airdrop. The airdrop will be available latest by 6 pm for the NFT holders.

Option Two

This option is for those that do not own the entry ArcheWorld NFT.

To participate, players will have to sign up, verify their wallets and then quickly join the ArcheWorld and Bora Discord channels and then proceed to submit an entry to complete their applications.

After the entry submission, ArcheWorld will select 125 players at random during each week of the alpha testing to earn an AlphaPass. Also, 20 people out of those selected will get a chance to win 100 $Bora coins and only five players will have access to the ArcheWorld gift set.

Looking Ahead

The Korean-based XL games seek to extend their presence to a larger audience and as such the players will be able to own lands, houses, cars e.t.c, in the form of NFTs while also earning rewards.

Furthermore, the players will also be able to swap their tokens for NFTs or $BLST and the $BORA coin which is fully tradable.

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