Decentral Games Introduces “Sit n Go” (SNG) Poker Tournament

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Sit-and-Go (SNG) poker is now available in ICE Poker, which is Decentral Games’ main product. More than 60% of all daily active users in Decentraland play the six-player poker game ICE. Skilled players without much capital can join SNG tournaments and show what they’re worth, with the chance to move up the ranks.

Matthew Howells-Barby, CMO at Decentral Games, said; 

“We’ve listened to our community. Most of them couldn’t afford our regular wearables. We intend to make a fast-paced series of tournaments for beginners, so we came up with Sit-n-Go. Because of the blinds and the fact that you can play on your phone, it’ll be fast-paced and full of action. Players can improve their skills and save up until they have enough to buy the sought-after “All Access Wearable.”

SNG allows players to compete in single-elimination tournaments for ICE wearables and tokens in ICE and xDG. But players should be aware of a few things about the SNG mode.

First, the tournament requires blinds of 10/20 chips that double every four minutes. Also, all players have to bet on blinds, which means that tournaments will go fast and smoothly.

SNG: Fast and Fluid Tournaments

It’s expected that the tournaments will last for about 45 minutes, so players with limited time can participate. Winners of each SNG game will get Tournament Badges, that they can trade in for wearables, ICE accessories, ICE tokens, and xDG tokens, which are all very important.

If you come in second, you get a refund of the Shine (currency) you spent to join the tournament. This is important because your entry into each tournament is based on these things: wearables and Shine.

Users can buy wearables for SNG in the Decentral Games Marketplace.

Users can only use tournament Wearables in SNG tournaments. They can also only use Flex Wearables on the ICE Poker Flex App, and All Access Wearables in both Decentraland and the Flex app.

So, in the new SNG mode, players can start by playing with a Tournament Wearable, and if they do well, they can move on to the Flex or All Access Wearable. Each tournament entry needs a certain amount of Shine on their wearable, and users can refill with ICE tokens.

Add some Shine to your Wearable.

There will be different Shine requirements for different tournaments and events, and the number of Tournament Badges they win will be equal to how much Shine they used. With the start of the SNG tournaments, the ICE Poker community has another reason to shine.

This new mode makes the ICE token even more useful, and if the SNG mode becomes popular, demand for the token will naturally go through the roof.

ICE Poker is proud of its stable economy, which is different from many of its play-to-earn predecessors. Part of the ICE used for Shine is burned instead of gifting them to the winners, which makes a token sink for the game’s economy.

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