ENJIN releases Eggs of Entropia on NFT.io.

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Enjin has announced that the MMORPG game Entropia will soon have Eggs of Entropia NFTs. However, these Eggs’ NFTs will only be available on NFT.io, Enjin’s upcoming NFT marketplace.

Soon, NFT.io will be out. It will be where NFTs, used in Enjin’s ecosystem and games, will live. In this universe, you will explore exciting things in the world.

In the space-themed MMORPG, players want to rule the planets. The game got a lot of attention when users realized that players could earn real cryptocurrencies while playing it.

Enjin wanted something special for its upcoming NFT marketplace, NFT.io, so the platform talked to Entropia to come up with something special.

Eggs of Entropia became the Idea.

Although NFT.io there’s no launch date, the unique Eggs of Entropia will undoubtedly be for sale on the market when it opens in about a month (according to Enjin)

There will be a list of five unique Eggs, which are real planets that the players will populate. You own an Egg, which means you also own a planet with a real economy. Think of each planet as a business that will bring in real money.

Each planet owner will get a unique invite link. They can use this link to invite new players to the game and get affiliate rewards in $PED.

Enjin plans to hold auctions for these NFTs at different times until August. If you don’t want to miss out, keep an eye on their social media accounts, where they’ll be posting exciting news.

Note: There will never be more than five Egg NFTs.

Once blockchain integration and conversion to the Unreal Engine are done, the Eggs will hatch into unique companions in the Entropia Universe, and revenue payouts will be done automatically through the Ethereum network,” Entropia said.

Eggs NFTs

First, Arkadia and Toulan, two of the five NFTs, will be bid.

Entropia’s Eggs, Arkada Tou Enjin, has said that Eggs NFTs will be added to the MMORPG game Entropia. However, the Eggs NFTs will only be available on NFT.io, Enjin’s upcoming NFT marketplace.

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