Game Storm Partners with Ready Games to launch NFT games.

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The Game Storm and Ready Games partnership to produce two blockchain games

The Game storm has partnered with Ready games to launch two blockchain games. These play-to-earn games are US Police Dog Mall Chase and Pet Car Sims.

The Game Storm Studio is famously known for its contribution to the gaming industry, with more than 1,000 games published and a cumulative 1 billion downloads. The studio decided to join the Web3 world with Ready Games, which currently brings mobile blockchain gaming to Apple and Google app stores.

An official statement from Game Storm states:

“We are partnering with the Ready Games because they have a complete and efficient tech stack and rapid execution strategy to enable us the opportunity to enter into game development in web3.0, to allow us to innovate new game mechanics and player experiences, all within under a month, allowing us that first movers advantage.”

As mentioned before, this partnership showcases two new games;

  • US Police Dog Mall Chase: An action game where players become police dogs and chase down criminals across various gameplay levels and scenarios. The game currently has 150,000 daily active players and 10 million downloads.
  • Pet Cat Sims: Control a human avatar to explore 3D environments and take care of your virtual cat companions, either through feeding, playing, or otherwise. Players unlock more NFT cats as they progress. The game currently has 100,000 daily active players and 5 million downloads.

“We’re partnering with Ready Games because they have a complete and efficient tech stack and a fast execution strategy. As a result, we’ll have the chance to get into game development in web3.0 and create new game mechanics and player experiences in less than a month, giving us the advantage of being the first to do so.”

About The Ready Games.

Since its launch in 2016, Ready Games has focused on building communities of creators and making it easier for professionals and amateurs to make games. 

Ready Games brings its creator philosophy to web3 by solving complex problems in the transition from web2 gaming to web3 gaming.

Gam They make 

  • live game operations that synchronize on-chain and access a turnkey API and SDK; 
  • modular smart contract systems; 
  • on-chain player profiles, with game achievements serving as a store of “reputational capital” for the players; 
  • and distributed token economics to align the interests of game developers, creators, and players. 

Visit to learn more about The Ready Games.

About the Game Storm Studio

The Game Storm Studios focuses on making mobile games that work on different platforms and use other technologies. Game Storm Studios has also been making and publishing games and apps for over ten years. So they know how to publish games that do well and reach the top of the charts. 

“Our team of developers works on optimization, monetization, deep funnel strategies, and return on investment (ROI). We are the best game development company because we have distributed more than 1,000 games and had more than 1 billion downloads.” 

Visit to find out more about The Game Storm Studio.

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