Gods Unchained Launches Amazing Staking Rewards

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Gods Unchained, a big play-to-earn battle arena, has given players a brand-new way to get its terrific  $GODS coin via its staking protocol. Those who know the game can “risk” their hard-earned assets to make even more money.

Gods unchained new Staking protocol “The Offering of the Gods”

The innovative staking program is called “The Offering of the Gods.” It rewards players for participating in the Gods Unchained ecosystem by taking weekly snapshots of its connected Immutable X wallets. Then, it gives out more $GODS tokens every month based on who had the fewest coins during that week.

Through this exciting strategy, gamers won’t have to wait for their coins to be unlocked or actively put in a pool. Instead, they must meet two straightforward requirements to be able to participate; 

First, they must keep their $GODS in an Immutable X wallet connected to the Gods Unchained ecosystem. 

Second, they must interact with at least one part of the platform weekly. So even if you’re playing the game, using the marketplace, or making NFTs, all it takes is one button click to start a fight.

This exciting experience in the Gods Unchained arena will last for the first four months and give away a cool million $GODS tokens. After that, it will try to devise a more permanent way to stake. But the new plan will reward gamers who have invested in the project for a long time based on snapshots taken since December 2021.

So, spend some time getting to know this tremendous free-to-play gaming environment, and you might get some tasty rewards along the way.

How does Gods Unchained Work?

In Gods Unchained, players can fight for glory in competitive arenas, win and collect cards by playing matches, buy and sell cards in the game’s marketplace, and build the best deck to top the leaderboards. The game is free and aims to ensure everyone plays fairly.

Bottom Line

Gods Unchained wants to change the narrative by letting players fully own their digital assets. Creators will always add a lot of exciting features. Today, you can buy GODS tokens on the Bybit crypto trading platform to invest in this new and exciting GameFi project.

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