How to Play Bit Hotel Open Beta

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Bit Hotel opens its doors to its community, which has grown like wildfire over the past few months, with over 400,000 hotel guests until now.

The open beta of Bit Hotel will have a lot of fans, and a huge number of features and the fact that the lobby will be full of fans will all add up to a fun and exciting gaming experience.

Lists of Features of Bit Hotel are;

The pixelated, social-first P2E gaming Metaverse has a list of features that players can check out when they first log in to Bit Hotel’s world:

  • You can meet new people in the lobby, which is completely immersive.
  • Text and voice chat enable hotel guests communicate.
  • CryptoBomber is the first minigame in Bit Hotel.
  • A store where players can exchange hard-earned in-game tickets for NFT items
  • You can sell your NFT items to other users for $BTH tokens on this market.
  • A place where you can hang out with your friends and have a drink.
  • A menu for your inventory where you can switch to any of your NFT characters to boost your earnings.
  • Several NPCs can teach you about Bit Hotel and even give you rewards if you report a bug.

Players will experience these when they log in.

Furthermore, in the coming weeks, there will also be:

  • The elevator in the lobby will take you to your room at the Bit Hotel.
  • There will be 4 new minigames, each with its own rules.
  • Your Bit Hotel room will have many ways to make it your own and keep it safe.
  • Players will be able to trade items with each other inside the game, and some secret features will have to wait.

Competitions with a leaderboard

Every season, the leaderboard gets a new look, so everyone has the same chance to get to the top and get paid. If you are one of the lucky hotel guests who found a beta key, don’t miss your chance to win and be one of the best.

The leaderboard has 5 different sections. And also, the harder it is to get into a section, the better the rewards, and the more popular and competitive it is.

  • Diamond: Top 5% 
  • Gold: Top 15%
  • Silver: Top 40% 
  • Bronze: Top 75% 
  • Top 100% Metal

Keep in mind that all the contestants will be out of the running by the end of August and will be given prizes based on how they did.

Bit Hotel Referral System

By making an account, key holders can get an extra key through a referral system. Bit Hotel recommends that you give this extra key to a friend, who will then get an extra key when he signs up, and submit. This will earn you a referral bonus, which will be put into your account.

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