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Infinity Skies has released a brand new demo with lots of new features for its community of castle builders. The new sandbox-style game allows players to build a castle on a floating island using tradable NFTs and compete for glory on a social leaderboard.

You can also play and make money with the game’s native cryptocurrency, called “Skyblock.” You can do this by trading NFTs with other players in the game’s built-in marketplace. Build, Adventure, Socialize, and Trade are the four main parts of the game.

The project is getting more exciting, and at the time of writing, the game’s ISKY token was up 150% in the last 24 hours.

Infinity Skies $5,000 Giveaway

To celebrate the release of this new demo, Infinity Skies is holding a unique contest to gift $5,000 to its community. In fact, the giveaway tells you to use the demo to build a castle with the tools from the game.

As of this writing, users have sent a whopping 25978 entries and with 11 days left in the competition.

Some of the entries have also shown the amazing things that {: gap {:kind: userinput}} can do in the game, which shows that it has a lot of depth.

How to be a part of it

Do you want to build castles in the clouds? Go to and log in with your Metamask to join the competition. Once your castle is ready, share it in the #castle-competition channel of the Infinity Skies Discord. Then, like and comment on the competition tweet and do all of the required tasks to win.

About the prizes, they are as follows: the top three castles each win $250, $150, and $100, and the rest of the $4,500 is split between 100 randomly chosen winners.

The Infinity Skies game goals

The goal of the game is to become the King of Infinity Skies, which means owning your own island in the sky.

Also, people who are interested in the economics of the game should pay attention to the “claim pool” feature, which lets eligible investors claim their share of Skyblock from the tax.

Also, the staking pool will open soon, giving investors a chance to make money in the long run from the game’s success.

Aside from that, Infinity Skies has been taking part in #BattleoftheDapps, a competition launched by BSC News in which interesting new projects compete against each other.

On the BSC News Twitter, people have been voting for their favorite new Dapps, and Infinity Skies has been trying to get into the final round. Although the bear market was very bad, the game’s progress in the competition shows how hard it worked to build a community.

‘Sky Plot’ land sale

The NFT land sale is coming up soon, which is good news for fans who want to own land in the game.

Holders will be able to buy “Sky Plots” in four different rarities, including “Astral,” “Divine,” “Legendary,” and “Epic.”

These Sky Plot NFTs are different based on how easy it is for other people to find them on a world map.

Accessibility will be significant because each plot will have different ways to go on adventures and interact with other people.

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