Is HexRoast the next generation of E-sports NFT games?

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HexRoast an Esports action game currently in the works has found a way to give players the best of both worlds: exciting gameplay and money.

So far, HexRoast has used its Telegram channel to do an airdrop for its community to show off a few exciting gameplay videos.

HexRoast will be in two gaming modes.

Also, two game modes, “Team Deathmatch Mode” and “Battle Royale Mode,” have been announced.

Team Deathmatch mode will be available as soon as the game comes out, and Battle Royale mode will be available after that. The game’s creators have not announced a release date yet but the creators promised the community that there is a lot of exciting news about the game in the future.

The storyline of the Game

The story of the game is fascinating. It takes place in the Keodian Empire, where a new group of students skilled in magic learned their skills at the Academy of Magic. As shown in the video trailer, gamers will fight the high-speed battle in the game with magic spells and witchcraft.

How does HexRoast work?

First of all, you can buy wins with NFTs in HexRoast. In play-to-earn (P2E) games, it has always been necessary to buy NFTs to move forward in the game. On the other hand, your NFTs don’t help you win battles in HexRoast.

Instead, the NFTs you buy will add to the “Game Chest” and will win battles by making strategic choices, as HexRoast explained in its first Medium article;

“To win, the player will have to use all of the game’s features and use the six spells in a way that makes sense for the situation on the battlefield.” 

They will have to keep an eye on the match’s economy and buy the right game items for different situations, just like in traditional MOBA games. In addition, players will have to use the shelters and heights of the game arena and coordinate their actions with their teammates.

Only the winner profits in HexRoast, and they’ve made a new system called “The Oracle System” to ensure the efficiency of the P2E economy.

Gamers call this system “revolutionary” because it has several features to stabilize the project’s coin exchange rate.

How does it affect its native token?

The technology modifies the prices of chests and slots based on the coin exchange rate. As a result, users can purchase all in-game purchases with the game’s coin, whose value change, even though the dollar cost of chests and characters remains the same.

So, here’s how everything works:

When the coin rate goes down, players will need more coins to buy a collectible in the game. Conversely, players need fewer coins to buy a collectible item in the game when the coin rate goes up.

The Oracle System ensures the value of the game chests goes up when the coin exchange rate goes down. When the exchange rate goes up, on the other hand, the chest goes down.

In addition to this, the game will charge a fee when coins are withdrawn from the wallet. This fee will start at 50% and go down to 0% in 40 days.

The system’s primary goal is to make the game and its ecosystem last as long as possible.

In this way, HexRoast wants to beat its competitors, and its Whitepaper explains all the details of the game’s “tokenomics.”

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