Microsoft offers StarHeroes a grant to work with Reputable Studios

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Microsoft has given a grant to the blockchain game StarHeroes, which is a big deal for the game. StarHeroes can now work with big studios like Ubisoft and Microsoft Studios due to this grant.

As part of the grant, StarHeroes will now be able to use Azure PlayFab. The game will join AAA games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Forza Horizon, and Sea of Thieves when it moves to the cloud platform.

This grant is unique because Microsoft has never given one of these to a Web3 platform before. This is the first time a major company or firm has ever given a grant to a blockchain game, making it a historic partnership.

This grant also shows how big companies have evolved about Web3 projects and how more companies are showing interest in using blockchain technology in their day-to-day activities.

What this deal means for StarHeroes

Since this grant will facilitate the partnerships between StarHeroes, Ubisoft, and Microsoft Studios, the game’s chance to grow and increase the number of its users will improve. 

Although some players aren’t sure about NFT games and play-to-earn systems, StarHeroes is still a good game in its own way. Since tech giant Microsoft has seen its potential, it’s possible that more tech giants will come forward and show interest in this project.

About StarHeroes

StarHeroes is a third-person shooter game that features dynamic space battles taking place in space. The game can be played in two ways with more than one player; Ranking and Adventure.

As a play-to-earn game, players can win real money while playing the game, and they don’t have to make an initial deposit. StarHeroes has both blockchain-based and traditional models, so both kinds of players can play and compete with a focus on skills and strategy.

The game has been in the works for two years, and now it’s going mainstream. The fact that Microsoft is interested in the game will be perfect for it. Also, crypto and traditional media have started talking about the game.

Some employees on the development team used to work at CD Projekt Red, where they made games like CyberPunk 2077 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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