Perfume made Non-Fungible! The Manticore Musk NFT Collection

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Perfume brand DS & DURGA partnered with crypto artist FVCKRENDER to launch a new line of NFT collectibles- Manticore Musk.

The launch NFT collection will take place on the 18th of July 2022 and will consist of 5,555 unique NFTs.

All You Need to Know About the Manticore Musk NFT Collection

The Manticore Musk NFT collection is the first NFT of its kind to bring together real-world fragrance and Metaverse utility.

The holders of the NFT recieves a physical pocket-sized perfume and other exclusive rewards. This includes membership of the private Discord chat, FVCKRENDER LVCIDA Metaverse, and also access to physical events such as scent parties.

The most intriguing thing about the NFT collection is that the holders can claim the original version of the perfume. The Manticore Musk perfume is not the conventional type of perfume. Rather, it is a combination of several aromas from different sources.

The origin of the Manticore Musk fragrance comes from a viscous oil found in a clay jug in 1924. The jug had a label– μόσχος μαντικό (meaning Manticore Musk) in Cretan Doric under a ruined temple of Technaos.

The perfume has a mythical theme to it. It is created with the aura of the secretion of a mythical beast. As a result DS & Durga decided to reproduce this fragrance using materials obtained from the digital world.

The fragrances also have notes just like music. Furthermore, for every NFT, each unique trait matches notes. And each bottle has four notes which are the top, base, middle, and either note.

About the Perfume Brand: DS & DURGA

The perfume brand, DS & DURGA came into existence in 2017 and is led by a couple– David and Kavi Moltz. The couple is known for making fragrances that others can only imagine.

David especially makes special models– Studio Juices– of perfumes manually and he is self-taught. These special perfumes are purchased almost immediately.

Currently, this brand has joined forces with FVUCKRENDER to make distinct, tangible, and digital scents through NFTs.

Details of the Digital Artist: FVCKRENDER

Frederic Duquette also known as FVCKRENDER is a digital and crypto artist based in Vancouver. He has worked with top brands like Spotify, Instagram, Puma, and others.

FVCKRENDER also has a lot of NFT collections and recently he launched the FVCK_Avatar NFT.

The launching of the FVCK_Avatar occurred in four levels beginning in March. The avatars featured some notable elements for the artist and they will serve as ‘beacons’ in his Metaverse that is yet to come– LVCIDA.

The utilities for the FVCK_Avatar include a discount on future drops. Also, the avatar will co-exist with the artist’s initial artwork–FVCK Crystal– and the holders of this collection will can pre-mint the upcoming NFT drop with DS & DURGA.


The collaboration of FVCKRENDER with DS & DURGA has led to the release of a  unique NFT collection– Manticore Musk– with amazing features.

The holders of these NFTs will have access to a physical pocket-sized perfume and other exclusive benefits.

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