Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Countdown Has Begun!

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The countdown to The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 has finally started, and fans are still having a great time in the metaverse.

The Sandbox Events Count down

When the latest version of The Sandbox goes live, it will finally display its capabilities. Over 90 unique things you can do in the virtual world have never been done before with this new technology. The season starts on August 24 at 1 PM UTC and will go on for ten weeks without any breaks.

Fans can enjoy this amazing event by taking part in some of the amazing things that The Sandbox has to offer. Some of these things to do are fight zombies, have fun with the one and only Snoop Dogg, and play with the Rabbids.

The Sandbox has also made some new partnerships, which have given the virtual world a lot of interesting content. The developers have also been busy making exciting things to do in the metaverse. All of this, plus the content made by fans, will be one of the best things fans have ever done.

For the first time, fans will be able to use 13 collections’ worth of NFT avatars in the Sandbox. All of this will make for a wonderful summer full of high-quality content of the best kind.

Get ready for some Exciting Prizes

There will be a new leader board system added to The Sandbox, where anyone who wants to can earn Ethos points by completing challenges and quests. When Alpha Season 3 ends at the 10 weeks duration, the top 5000 players on the leader board will split a huge prize pool of 1.5 million $SAND. The best player will get $SAND 30,000.

Not only the people at the top of the leader board will get something. The Sandbox appreciates its long-term supporters. Those who have assets in The Sandbox for a long time will get an extra amount of $SAND rewards. All owners of an Alpha Pass ($500 SAND), LAND ($180 SAND), Avatars ($60 SAND), and NFTs ($30 SAND) will be eligible for a bonus reward.

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