Spider Tanks Economy Revealed!

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Spider Tanks has been in Beta for a while, but the game has not revealed how the economy works. Although they had play-to-earn events, they did not discuss the game’s economy at length.

Now that the litepaper has been released, we know more about the game’s future and economy.

Spider Tanks is a play-to-earn MOBA game with cool tanks that can be customized. The player finishes the game’s goals by taking control of the tanks they use to fight all over the battle arena.

Each tank in the game is an NFT that players can own or rent from other players. Since the game is free to play, you can only earn SILK if you have NFTs. SILK is an ERC-20 Standard token that is tied to Spider Tanks.

This is the first version of their litepaper. It explains how the game’s economy will work and what other plans they have for the future.

Play-to-Earn Economy and Spider Tanks

When you win at Spider Tanks, you get Victory Points. Based on that, the game looks at how rare the tank NFT is and figures out how many Victory Points you should get. Every item in the game is given an Energy Rating. As you play, you use up their energy, which means you make less SILK.

If a player wants to get more rewards, they can change their NFTs into rarer ones (SILK). Even though it costs more to fix rarer items, they have a lot of benefits. Level 30 is the top level.

The litepaper also says that there will be a Pilot Program for free-to-play players in which they can rent an NFT (commissioned-based) and take part in play-to-earn opportunities. Tank (NFT) owners can rent out their tanks, and Pilots can pick them up and use them to play.

In the first phase, the Pilots will be given tanks at random. The team will work to make sure that the best Pilots get to rent the best tanks.

Who owns the land in the game?

In Spider Tanks Planetary Nodes & Maps, there are two ways to own land. You can buy Maps NFTs from the Gala Games Store. As for Planetary Nodes, it is possible that they will be used as game nodes, but none of this is certain for now.

You can improve both maps and Planetary Nodes. Maps get more queue slots as they get higher in level. Someone gives you Victory Points when they use your map in a fight.

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