Spider Tanks Introduces Planetary Node Atlas

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Spider Tanks tells us about the latest addition to the Web3 section of the website. The new Planetary Node Atlas is now available. All of the plans for the Planetary Node Ecosystem will be able to use the new node.

Gala Games hasn’t told us much about the Node Atlas yet, but they have given us a few hints that give us a general idea of how unique and special it will be.

A few things to know about Spider Tank’s Planetary Node Atlas

  • An operator of a Planetary Node who is active and gets rewards for every match.
  • When you use your Map with your Planetary Node, the chance of getting a reward goes up.
  • Planetary Nodes can be made better so that they take up more space in the Node Queue.

“Once a Planetary Node is live, it can be run by the Gala Node Software. This Node can be run on the same device as other Gala Nodes, as long as it’s the only Planetary Node and the workload requirements are met. “ 

According to the Lite Paper, as the game grows, so will the amount of work that needs to be done.

Prop Sale

You can add power-ups to your game by putting a “silly thing” on your head. This is special because not many games have these features.

This duckling can get across the street on its own. With the Rubber Ducky Prop, you can increase your Tank’s resistance to and damage from elements and turn any match into a fun, but deadly bath time.

Don’t take it to heart if the cat-astrophic stray fire makes you feel bad. With these Cat Ears, you can speed up your Tank and be good as a cat. Cat puns are great, no matter how you look at them.

You can use these items in battle to put your opponent where they belong. They will always remember being crushed by a Tank with a Rubber Ducky or Cat Ears. You can also sell or trade these items in the market. Both have important stats like damage and speed, but they are different types and have different traits.

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