Splinterlands Prepares For SPS Rewards and Governance

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P2E game Splinterlands is finally getting rid of the Dark Energy Crystals that were given out in chests. They are being replaced by SPS tokens. This change will change the economics of the platform and the DEC Token, which has been off-peg. The DEC Token is a semi-stable token made by Splinterlands.

New Update coming to Splinterlands

The new update will come out on August 23, along with the weekly maintenance taking place every week. But the team has warned that the update could be delayed until August 30 if there’s a need to test the new features again.

As soon as the new update goes live, you won’t find DEC tokens in chests anymore. The reward chest will have SPS tokens or the governance token that Splinterlands released last summer.

As the game’s release date gets closer, Splinterlands also plans to display the first version of its governance plan to the players.

SPS Tokens In Rewards Chest Seasonal rewards and Daily Quests will now have their own pools for each player tier. It is not possible to know how much SPS is available. But the team thinks that each Bronze chest will have 0.12 tokens in it. When it comes to Champion-level chests, things get really interesting because each chest will give you an average of 18 SPS.

The number of tokens you find depends on how many chests you open. This is because the prizes come from a pool that all players share.

How to Claim Splinterlands Rewards

If you win SPS tokens in a reward chest, the SPS reward won’t drop into your account automatically. Instead, you’ll have to go to the SPS Management page to claim the reward. The SPS tokens will be added to your account as soon as you claim the reward.

If you want to unstake your SPS, you have to vest the tokens and wait four weeks. Splinterlands is using this strategy to get rid of fans who just want to earn quick money. They want the players to wait and take part in the governance system to get more players involved and keep them interested for a long time. The game will still give out tokens every day, which will lead to token dumping.

What’s up with DEC?

Although DEC will be given out at a much lower rate, it is not going away. As soon as this news was released, the price of DEC went up by 30%. The peg is still not up to par, so this price increase is still not enough. You will save some funds if you buy Splinterlands packs with DEC. As of right now, each pack will cost you the same as $2.90.

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