TenUp Introduces Ludo NFT Game

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TenUp Ludo NFT version 1.1 will launch soon. The game is a virtual recreation of the original structure of the famous arcade game and is currently available on Ludo NFT.

About the Ludo NFT Game

To play the Ludo NFT game with other players, every player requires 10 TenUp smart coins in their Metamask wallets. When you complete the game, the loser of the game must give the winner TenUp smart coins as a reward.

Each yard of the player begins with four pieces and the program picks the first contestant randomly. The players will then roll the dice when it gets to their turn.

When a player rolls a six, he can use any piece from the yard of the player or each piece can move by six squares.

Every other throw the player makes moves the piece to the right place but if there are no pieces available, the turn is lost and the dice are passed in a clockwise manner.

The players get the chance to make another throw after rolling a six and a third try rolling a six for the second time. After the third roll, the turn ends.

On getting to the square of the opponent, a piece is taken and returned to the yard of the owner. 

To win the game, the pieces of the player must all be in the middle while some may continue to contend for the rungs at the bottom.

About TenUp

TenUp is a decentralized blockchain platform that aims to create decentralized web3 apps. 

The company has released its staking platform and has built a bridge to help its blockchain platform.

It has also launched its analyzer that will allow users to make wise decisions and monitor the changes in the market and know how they will earn from it.

Also, you can find trading options for TenUp on platforms like Bitget, OKX, Uniswap, StakeCube, PancakeSwap, Stex, and more.

Looking Ahead

TenUp intends to launch Ludo NFT version 1.2 in the later part of 2022 after the completion of the first version.

In the upgraded version, the players will have the chance to gain rewards that will feature NFTs from the TenUp marketplace after they must have won about 20 games.

This will enable players to stake their NFTs in the marketplace of the company and this will make them earn TenUp tokens.

The players will also have the chance to compete for huge bounties and bonuses by participating in Ludo tournaments organized by the TenUp team.

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