Tomonobu Itagaki goes back to Making web 3-based Games.

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Last year, Japanese game designer Tomonobu Itagaki, best known for making Tecmo’s Dead or Alive series and bringing back its Ninja Gaiden series, hinted that he would return to making games by opening a new studio. We’re already more than halfway through the year 2022, and we now know that this studio is called “Apex Game Studios” and is web 3-based.

On Tuesday, Itagaki wrote on Twitter that the studio, which already has more than 100 employees from Japan and Singapore, will focus on making high-quality, immersive 3D Web3.0 games. Here, Itagaki will not only use the NFTs in the games but also the metaverse and the changes happening simultaneously.

The studio’s first project was “Warrior”, an NFT game made with Unreal Engine that can play on mobile devices and PCs. The game’s beta version will launch in the first quarter of 2023. Promises to be “fun and interesting,”

About Tomonobu Itagaki

Itagaki worked with Microsoft for a long time. He was in charge of Tecmo’s Dead or Alive 3, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, and 2004’s Ninja Gaiden when the Xbox was first released. 

Itagaki also made Dead or Alive 4, which was only for Xbox 360, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, which was for Xbox 360, and Ninja Gaiden 2, which was only for Xbox 360.

After Itagaki left Tecmo in 2008, he started Valhalla Game Studios and made the Wii U game Devil’s Third, which did not do very well.

According to Itagaki, “I’ve been teaching for the past four years, but now I want to make a game again, so I just set up a company for that.

A reporter asked Itagaki what he’d do if  Microsoft wanted to buy this new studio.

He responded, “I know Microsoft is still aggressive. It would be an honor if they reached out to me.”

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