ZED RUN Lending Incoming: The Time to Prepare Horses is Now!

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ZED RUN, a busy frontier in equestrian sports, has been in the news again for all the right reasons. This time, it announced that the eagerly awaited peer-to-peer lending protocol would be coming soon.

How will the Incoming ZED Token work

ZED RUN will eventually launch its lending platform in a move that will be the first use of the brand-new ZED Token. This will give stable owners a way to potentially make money off of thoroughbreds that aren’t in use, and also allow fans who are new to the platform to join with a small amount of money.

For these smart horse owners to hit the ground running, they must first stake the ZED Token to get one lending permit for each horse that joins the program. Then they can use the platform to choose which thoroughbreds they want to lease. After that, a racer who wants to join can borrow any mounts that catch their fancy through the lending market and then join the ZED RUN ecosystem.

Once started, the horses will stay safe in a trustless lending smart contract, which allows the borrower to race in free and paid races as well as tournaments. But this will make it impossible for them to breed or sell their chosen horse. If the amateur racer does well on the track, the contract says that the winnings will be split evenly between the horse’s owner and the horse borrower.


ZED RUN is a digital horse racing game where players from all over the world can own, breed, and race digital race horses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It uses emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency to give users the same benefits as if they actually owned a thoroughbred racehorse.

All of the racehorses in the game are statistically different and identified by their bloodline, genotype, and how well they do on the track. The more your racehorse races and reproduces, the better it will get. With ZED’s auction system, the more valuable the horse, the more money you can make by asking for a higher price when selling or breeding it.

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