Azuki Founder Under Fire for previous Abandoned projects.

The revelation by the Azuki founder Zagabond that he abandoned 3 projects prior to the Azuki NFT was met by mixed reactions in the NFT space

Is Azuki a rug pull
Azuki cover, credit: Azuki

The founder of the $723.5 million Azuki NFT project who goes by “Zagabond” online raised a lot of dust yesterday after revealing that they had previously worked on three abandoned NFT projects. The revelation attracted a lot of condemnation from the NFT community, who called him out for rug pulling. Following the strong backlash from the NFT community, they have since apologized for their “shortcomings.”

Azuki founder Abandoned three projects in the past

The three projects in question are Tendies and CryptoPunks copycats CryptoPhunks and Cryptozunks. And Zagabond claimed that all three had failed due to a lack of community support. He also added that other factors such as team members leaving or high gas fees on Ethereum (ETH) contributed to the failure.

After releasing the blog via Twitter, most replies were in support of Zagabond’s honesty on the trial and error path that led to Azuki NFTs. But this didn’t go down well with certain sections of the NFT community. The aggrieved other sections of the NFT community weren’t as pleased. But the truth is that there will certainly be failures on the path to success and the previous failures contributed to making Azuki what it is.

Twitter Users Berate the Azuki team for past misdeeds.

User zachxbt didn’t mince words when calling them out for their misdeeds. He said:

“So does Web 3.0 = rugging three projects in less than a year?”

Furthermore he recounted some alleged misdeeds relating to the Cryptozunks developers pretending to be women in a bid to market the project.

Other users like dxv_eth alleged that Zagabond had agreed to build a marketplace for the Cryptozunks project and also purchase Metaverse in a bid to strengthen the ecosystem, but failed to do so before eventually ghosting the community.

After being slammed by the community and holding a Twitter Spaces chat, Zagabond issued an apology earlier today, noting that:

“I realized my shortcomings in how I handled the prior projects which I started. To the communities I walked away from, to Azuki holders, and to those who believed in me — I’m truly sorry.”


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