Azuki Maintain top NFT spot despite Allegations of Rug Pull.

Azuki NFT has maintained the top spot in terms of total sales volume for the last seven days, despite allegations of the project being a rug pull.

Azuki floor price recovers after FUD
Azuki collection Credit: Forbes

Azuki is top NFT collection based on sales volume

According to NFT data aggregator CryptoSlam Azuki has maintained its position as the top NFT collection in terms of sales volume in the last seven days. This position was previously held by Otherdeeds from Yuga labs. But the NFT collection which broke the Ethereum network has since suffered a slump. Furthermore, Otherdeeds have seen a whooping 94% drop in sales volume over the last seven days. And a heavily plummeting floor prices.

Data from CryptoSlam shows that the sales volume of Azuki has been up about 214% in the last 7 days. With a total sales volume of $102 million in the same period.

Azuki’s growth in TSV despite allegations of rug pull

This growth comes despite allegations of the project being a rug pull. A group known as Rug Pull Finder had on Wednesday accused the pseudonymous Azuki founder Zagabond of rug pull in an open letter. This came as a response to his blog post and interview with Andrew Wang. Where he revealed that he had been part of three failed NFT projects in the past.

The letter further pointed out that there were issues through out the Azuki journey. These issues include the exposing of Beanz metadata and clear market manipulations that took place pre-reveal. It also exposed an irregularity that might be the reason for the slump in Azuki floor price following the interview with Andrew Wang. The letter alleged a deceptive movement of millions of dollars following the interview.

The Azuki Floor Price has not fared better

Despite the spike in sales volume, the floor price of the Azuki collection has not fared better. The floor price crahed heavily from 19.8ETH to 8.65 ETH as at the time of writing. This represents an approximately 61.56% crash in the floor price which is quite huge.


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