GhostKid: Solana’s new top performer?

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Solana network which is famed as the Ethereum killer opened the week with a New Kid on the block! Ghostkid which was launched a few weeks opened the week as the top NFT collection in the Solana blockchain. The ghosts from the shadows overtook other blue chip Solana NFT’s. Ghost kid outperformed Okay Bears that have maintained top spot for a while on the Solana blockchain.

GhostKid tops NFT projects on the Solana Blockchain

Data from NFT data aggregator Cryptoslam shows that Ghostkid outperformed other projects in the Solana network in the last 24 hours. Although Ghostkid barely made the top 10 list of NFT projects by sales volume in the last 24hours. The project leads the Solana NFT pack in sales volume. The collection made a total sales of $611,361 in the last 24 hours which represents a growth of about 215.60%. And this came from 892 transactions and 534 buyers.

NFT Collection Ranking by Sales Volume

Ghost from the Shadows

The NFT project identifies itself as 5000 Ghosts from the shadows. And plans to create the largest DAO on the Solana blockchain. Ghostkid is a collection of 5000 NFTs that was launched on May 11. Ghostkid mint lacked the fanfare common to some other collections. So, this means that the recent growth it experienced is majorly organic and not pumped by marketing strategies and influencers. Although it is not up there among the top projects in the space, it is still worthy of mention because it has outperformed other Solana NFT collections this week.

Ghostkid was minted at 0.09 Sol on the May 11 mint date. But as at the time of writing it has grown to as much as 19.5 Sol. It shows potential for a great community and a great project but you have to DYOR before making any decision.

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