Market Analysis: Moonbird Oddities Beat The Odds

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In what appears to be another shocking day in the NFT market, Moonbird Oddities, a collection of Moonbirds NFT took a massive lead at the top of the log, after doing $3.4 million in sales in the 24-hour window.

Moonbird Oddities posts a 294% increase in 24 hours

According to cryptoslam, the Moonbird Oddities beat top collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Otherdeed to lead the log in the time frame by doing this volume of sales in 914 transactions, rising to a whopping 294% in 24 hours.

Earlier in May, Moonbirds had announced on Twitter Spaces, and then in a subsequent Tweet, that @oddities_xyz on Twitter belongs to them. As a 10,000-item NFT collection created by PROOF, Oddities only recently came into the space, joining Twitter in March of this year. Then they launched their primary collection in April, which was a clear hit from the start. Early holders of the collection included Beeple and Jimmy Fallon.

Tubby Cats Shows promise in the market

Away from Moonbird Oddities, Tubby cat made a surprise and meteoric rise. The collection did a turn up of 19,120% turn up in the 24-hour trading window to come up to third on the log, ahead of Otherdeed, Sorare, and CryptoPunk. Tubby Cats in 93 transactions sold a total of $1.2 million worth of NFTs, making it one of the top sellers.

Blockchains and Fan tokens

Activities on the log show that NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain dominated the log by having collections on the top 10, leaving spaces for NBA Top shot and Panini America at 12 and 17 positions respectively.

When ranked by sales volume, Ethereum led the chart by doing a total of $19.3 million, while its closest rival Solana came a distant second by recording $1.7 million, beating the third Flow to a marginal $564,000.

In total, the market saw a total sales volume of $22.7 million for NFT tokens, seeing a 10% rise,  while Fans tokens which rose by a whopping 40.8%, did a total of $133.8 million.

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