Solana NFTs Falter as Veterans Create DogFace NFT Collection

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Collections on the Solana blockchain continue to falter in an all-time horrific downward movement, as the best of collections still ranked poorly in a 24-hour performance chart recorded by cryptoslam.

With the crypto market still on a low, collections on the Ethereum blockchain continued to dominate at the top of the performance log as they retained the first 16 slots, leaving spaces for just Ronin’s Axie  Infinity and Flow’s NBA Top Shot at 17 and 18 positions respectively.

However, on the part of collections on the Solana blockchain, the Grumpy Dragon collection was the most notable of works on the Solana blockchain as it came closer to being 29th on the log, with 183 transactions in the last 24 hours in a total of $91,000 in sales volume.

The closest to Grumpy dragon on the log is the Squirrel Nation NFT collection, which did a total of $67,601 in market volume, in a total of 412 transactions. 

With this, despite garnering the highest volume of transactions at 31,981, more than Ethereum’s 27,339, Solana still made a total sales of about $1.27 million in the 24-hour mark.

Veterans Create Dogface NFT collection to Support Cause

Veterans created the Dogface NFT collection to support veteran causes. They also created the project to empower the military and first responder community to attain financial freedom through web3 technology. 

Retired Army Officer Mark Tulloch and Army Veteran Chris Wagstaff are the brains behind the collection. Chris painted the entire collection by hand and has a fully doxxed team of 14 veterans and civilians. Every member of the team has worked their way up the ranks by showcasing skill and dedication to the Dogface cause. All corners of the globe unite Veterans, First Responders, and Civilian Supporters, with the one focus of creating an investor club of veteran supporters.

The Dogface Army Story

The Dogface soldier is the last of human existence. An alien race has all but wiped out those who stood and fought. The Dogface soldiers were a last-ditch effort via a scientific experiment to save human existence. With 5,555 elite soldiers cloned from the DNA of the world’s best soldiers. These Dogface Soldiers will live and breathe on the Ethereum blockchain. Own a Dogface NFT, Build the ultimate NFT army and Fight back to save the human race against the Xeno invasion!

Veteran Donations

Dogface is donating 10% of all proceeds to veterans. We have already partnered with Peaceful Pastors Ranch (FL), Indies Coffee (TX) Walking with the Wounded (UK), and Soldier Sailor Airmen New Zealand (SSANZ). Each of these causes reflects the hardworking dedication to veterans that the Dogface Army upholds each and every day. 

With the community growing rapidly through our Twitter followers and other social media platforms, Dogface is making a huge impact in the lives of veterans and its community members. 

The Dogface NFT Collection

The collection of 5,555 Dogface NFTs comprises 6 uniform sub-collections. 

The Dogface collection is massive with accessories and various rarity values including rifles, pistols, RPGs, NVGs, helmets, hats, Ultra Rare Rambo, gold plated dog tags, Xeno weapons, and much more. Derivative collections are planned with the enemy aliens XENO already in development. Navy, Militia, First Responders, and Airforce NFTs were also planned as derivative collections.

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