34% of Gamers favor Crypto Adoption in the Metaverse

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Despite this bearish season, 34% of gamers favor crypto adoption in the Metaverse.

Poll Conducted to assess crypto adoption in the metaverse.

According to Globant, an institutional software developer, 34% of gamers would like to complete cryptocurrency transactions in the Metaverse. Furthermore, 16% have previously purchased NFTs.

Despite the opposition from a loud segment of the gaming community, a recent survey reveals that one-third of players will like to utilize crypto in the Metaverse. Furthermore, most gamers feel the Metaverse will have a beneficial impact on gaming.

YouGov interviewed 1,000 adult PC, console, and mobile gamers last month, with 34% of respondents expressing interest in performing crypto transactions in the Metaverse.

Furthermore found 40% of respondents “interested in exploring a combination of the ‘playing’ and ‘earning’ parts of the Metaverse,” indicating that the players highly appreciate the concept of play-to-earn (P2E) in the Metaverse. However, while 11% of respondents are more interested in earning, 49% are only interested in playing.

Moreover, half of the respondents (53%) answered that they would be willing to work in virtual gaming worlds if they could earn digital currency for their efforts.

16% of players responded that they had purchased at least one NFT in the past. It is still unclear, however, if they were game-related NFTs.

More than half of gamers (52%) believe the Metaverse will alter the video game business, and 41% feel the Metaverse will positively impact the industry (as opposed to 25% who disagree).

Although 40% of respondents associate blockchain technology with the Metaverse, only one blockchain-native platform reached the list of the most well-known Metaverse brands.

At least 73% believe Meta is the most recognizable, followed by Fortnite producers Epic Games at 27%, Roblox at 21%, Ethereum-based The Sandbox at 15%, and Pokemon Go creators Niantic at 10%.

Controversial Reactions towards the adoption of digital assets in the Metaverse

On multiple instances, some diehard gamers have expressed hatred for crypto and NFTs, frequently in response to prominent firms and brands announcing such integrations into their products.

They criticize the environmental impact of the technology and imply that it detracts from the gaming experience. Still, their main argument appears to be that corporations are merely attempting to make money like the contentious in-game microtransactions.

During Brazil’s International Games Festival, video game developer Mark Venturelli recently attacked NFTs in a lecture titled “Why NFTs are a nightmare.”

According to Venturelli, the advent of speculative economic activity via NFTs will destroy the experience for consumers who just want to play games for fun, as “organized organizations” will take control to profit at scale.

In Other News: Chinese media giant, Tencent news, has ended the operation of nonfungible token (NFT) platforms in an effort to avoid regulatory scrutiny of the businesses… Read more

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