Anthony Hopkins and Orange Comet to Launch a New NFT Collection

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Sir Anthony Hopkins, an 84-year-old Oscar-winning and renowned Hollywood actor and artist, recently partnered with Orange Comet, a web 3.0-based company, to launch an NFT collection that will exhibit his works as an artist.

Details of Anthony Hopkins’ New NFT Collection

Anthony Hopkins’ new NFT project “The Eternal Collection” consists of three drops focused around a series of 10 virtual animations of Hopkins.

These animations digitally represent different Jungian character archetypes that the actor has showcased throughout his movie career. The designs will also involve some of John Hopkins’ work as a painter.

The inspiration for the NFT project comes from the classic archetype of the theme of the collection that Hopkins partnered with Orange Comet to create.

The animation will also consist of hyper-realistic images of Anthony Hopkins’ face which include the Rebel, the Sage, the archetype Hero, the magician, the lover, the explorer, the giver, the jester, and the creator.

Furthermore, for each of the10 animations, there will be an exclusive release of 100 Profile Picture (PFP) variants for their Jungian character theme making it a sum of 1000 unique NFTs in the PFP part of the drop.

Also, Orange Comet will be auctioning a one-of-a-kind NFT which consists of a distinct edition of all the 10 characters merged into a single piece.

In a press conference, Anthony Hopkins shared that NFTs are a blank canvas to turn art into a new format. The Metaverse also provides an opportunity to interact with an audience in a new way. 

He also said that he is probably the oldest guy in the NFT space and on social media which shows that anything is possible at any age.

Categories of the Anthony Hopkins’ NFT Collection

The release of Hopkins’ new NFT collection will take three in three phases. 

The first phase, “Iconic Category” consists of all the archetype characters combined. The winner of the bid gets this and a framed NFT art print signed by Anthony Hopkins and a one-on-one launch with the actor.

The next phase is the “Legendary Category” and it comes with 10 animated NFTs and conversations with the actor on Discord.

The third phase is the “Distinguished Category” and it consists of 1000 distinct images focused on the 10 archetypes and an opportunity to win a chat with Hopkins and an autographed book.

Apart from being an actor, Anthony Hopkins is also a skilled artist and he exhibits his artworks occasionally.

The idea of NFTs came into play when Margam Fine Art– the company in charge of Anthony Hopkins’ artworks– considered converting his artworks to NFTs.

According to the CEO of Orange Comet– Dave Broome– Margam approached them with an artistic vision to introduce Anthony Hopkins’ artworks to the Metaverse and they knew that with was an exclusive opportunity for the world of NFTs.

He added that this relationship is an excellent combination of art and technology from one of the best actors and artists today.


The NFT space continues to expand as individuals from various spheres of life are now getting involved with NFTs daily. 

Anthony Hopkin’s NFT collection will be available on the Opensea marketplace from September. You can visit for more information.

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