Apex Gaming Network (AGN) to Educate users on Web3 with NFT collection.

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Apex Gaming Network (AGN) – a division concerned with reaching and engaging the gaming population in Canada– just teamed up with Toronto Metropolitan University students to introduce a limited version of NFTs to its customers.

About the AGN New NFT Collections

Since its launch in 2021 by Apex Mobile Media, AGN has assisted brands to reach out to the gaming community in Canada.

The company recently uncovered a new way for customers, partners, and crypto fans to be part of the AGN community by launching a limited edition of NFT collections.

The new NFT release features about 300 limited AGN one-of-a-kind NFTs created to display the physical utilities accessible in the structure of NFTs.

AGN sees the utility as an enticing feature needed for the promotion of the space as well as smart contract technology.

Benefits of Owning the AGN NFT Collection

The holders of the NFT collection will have exclusive access to a wide range of rewards such as timely access to the Apex Gaming Network, invitations to physical and digital events, and participation in gaming and industry research.

Although gamers spend about 150 million dollars per year, customers do not possess a large percentage of the objects they receive or own in-game, the company is in charge of this. However, owning the NFT allows the users to truly own an object which will switch the polarity.

The CEO and co-founder of Apex Mobile Media “AGN”– Walder Amaya– in a statement said that NFTs and blockchains are revolutionizing the gaming space and are popularly viewed as digital artworks.

The CEO however added that the company sees several ways of adopting and leveraging the NFTs to bring a variety of applications to the market.

In addition to this, the company is also excited about its partnership with students at Toronto Metropolitan University as they have had the privilege to work and learn with their students from the image arts program.


The Apex Game Network has just released its NFT collection to increase the participation of members in its community.

The NFT collections provide users with exclusive benefits as well as the ability to own their gaming objects.

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