Aura Network Plans to Launch an NFT Project –Mainnet– In October

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To bring solutions to the problems of NFTs in the crypto space and web 3. Aura network announced the launch of Mainnet which will optimize NFT use cases.

About the New NFT Project

Aura network made it public that it intends to launch a new NFT project ‘Xstaxy’ Mainnet on the 1st of October.

Furthermore, Aura network is a universe-based chain with a comprehensible environment that optimizes NFT use cases around the additional and available industries.

Through this announcement, Aura network has also increased the commitment of the development team to the key milestone.

The founder and the CEO of Aura Network– Giang Tran– said that to build an NFT ecosystem of the future, beginning as the best user experience chain of Cosmos. 

Furthermore, one of their important goals is to lure their mainstream users from the traditional market to the industry of NFTs by optimizing NFT use cases.

In April, Aura network introduced two testnets, ‘Serenity’ and ‘Halo’ as an experimental ecosystem for the early birds to have a taste of its first features.

Currently, the project is testing its ‘Euphoria staging network’ with about 55 validators that will scrutinize security and decentralization aspects. This was done in preparation for an official launch in October.

Also, Aura network has ensured that users enjoy the major and basic apps. And to ensure they are functioning easily during the launch with a consistent improvement. This will provide users with the best experience through dApps, AuraScan, Aura HUB, and PyxisSafe.

About Aura Network

Aura network is a scalable, active, and easy-to-use Layer-1 blockchain with an extensive ecosystem designed to boost universal NFT adoption. 

Aura network aims to solve the problems of adopting NFTs and blockchain technology in general which is a difficult process.

The network is built with the most popular structure for blockchains which is the Cosmos SDK. It also provides developers with freedom and simplicity to develop a complete Cosmos SDK in a short time.

In May, Aura network launched the first use case with Artaverse. The network produced a musical to record the performances of top musicians and converted it to NFTs and shared them with fans and collectors.

The NFT created were high-quality video clips that are distinct and authorized. And they will not release in any other form online which will guarantee exclusivity and rarity.


Aura network has also consistently built use cases connected to SocialFi and GameFi which will allow Aura to be one step forward in the main chain that will grow and strengthen the NFT ecosystem in the future.

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