BeaRex Launches Play to Earn Game Based on Instagram AR Mask

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BeaRex has just announced the Launching of the first play-and-earn game on Instagram AR mask. BeaRex brings together the play-to-earn players and Free2Play players as well as NFT owners into one environment.

The BeaRex game is mainly for fun and excitement but if you want to earn while playing the game, you will have to buy the bear NFT and switch to the relevant mode.

What is the BeaRex Game About?

BeaRex is a combination of two different game models which are– Play to Earn and Free to Earn.

The players of the game are to go about collecting berries, making smoothies, and also run away from dinosaurs.

To complete each level, players are to sell their gaming items in the marketplace. The players can also lend their bears to other players in the game to complete their levels and also earn tokens in return.

In this way, they are earning passive income for themselves. Players can also purchase and upgrade their NFT bears.

How to Earn While Playing the BeaRex Instagram AR Mask Game

To earn while playing the BeaRex Instagram game, you will first have to play the game and post the steps you took to win the game on your Instagram story.

You will get a point for playing the game from BeaRex. After you have completed a level, you will see a description that says “Go To the Telegram bot” on your screen.

Then, launch the telegram bot and send the link to your Instagram story as well as your wallet address to claim your prize and NFT drawing which is worth up to $5000.

To earn, you will also have to subscribe to all of the BeaRex social media accounts. The team will also have to cross-check the message you sent and reply to you or they could tell you if something is wrong and you need to fix it.

BaeBox Game Modes

There are four different BeaRex game modes to suit the needs of different players and they include:

  • Play for Fun: In this case, players play the game just for enjoyment or to train themselves. There is no need to invest in the game or to earn from it.
  • Invest in NFT Bares: Here, individuals give others their NFT bears to play and complete the game on their behalf while they earn passively. This is mainly for those who do not have time to play or do not know how to play the game.
  • Play and earn: In this mode, players play the games and earn tokens for themselves. They do not get to share their earnings with others
  • Play and Earn by Completing Tasks for Investors: Here, players do not have to invest in NFT bears. They can complete different tasks in the game for other investors and earn from it. The amount they will earn will depend on how difficult the game is.

The play and earn games also have awesome features that allow players to transfer from the free to the play-to-earn version.

Looking Ahead

BeaRex hopes to launch its metaverse by the end of 2023. The holders of the BeaRex NFT will have an opportunity to create and produce contents that will tell more about BeaRex.

BeaRex is a cool game that allows you to grow your finances. You can earn $500 TRIP tokens as well as NFT drawings that are worth $5000.

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