Bentley takes the fast lane on the Web3 Super Highway

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The luxury brand Bentley is the latest to launch into the web3 space. The famous brand’s first stop as it heads down is the Web3 superhighway.

Bentley enters the web3 space with 208 tokens

Its first step includes putting 208 tokens on the blockchain in September. And each token will have a beautiful picture of a famous car that was just drawn by the Bentley Design team. And his token will run on a carbon-free polygon network

The number 208 is important to the company because it is both the top speed of its flagship Grand Tourer and the number of the first R-Type Continentals that were made in 1952. These are the two cars that have come to define one of the most well-known car companies in the world.

Bentley’s grand NFT collection will have both real-world and virtual rewards and uses that haven’t been decided on yet. 

The company wants to build a community of car lovers in the Web3 ecosystem. At a later date, a huge number of metaverse and blockchain gaming projects will be launched.

For now, Bentley is happy to just drop hints about what it wants to do with Web3. So, fans of the well-known brand should keep an eye on the company’s social media to find out more about this amazing drop.

Automakers are getting more involved in the NFT market, which is expected to grow to $240 billion by the end of the decade. This will rapidly increase the number of metaverse users. 

A community-governed network will push these NFT projects to new heights. 

Meanwhile, some other car companies are Experimenting with NFTs.

At least a dozen companies are officially testing car NFTs in some way, according to public records. These include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Nissan, Audi, Porsche, and many others.

It’s not clear how many companies actually have R&D departments that work on NFTs.

It’s likely that most research and development departments have already been told to find ways that NFTs can be useful, but most of what they’ve found may still be kept secret.

The most famous examples we know of are luxury brands and supercars.

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