Binance gets Cristiano Ronaldo to join its NFT push as a partner.

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Largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, announced on Thursday that it had teamed up with Cristiano Ronaldo to promote non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Binance Partners with Cristiano Ronaldo

As part of the multi-year deal, the Portuguese soccer star and cryptocurrency exchange Binance will make a series of NFT collections that will be sold on the company’s platform. The first collection will come out later this year.

Crypto companies have been trying to go mainstream by partnering with sports teams. Last year, agreed to pay $700 million to change the name of the Staples Center in Los Angeles to the Arena. At the same time, the cryptocurrency exchange FTX Trading Ltd sold a stake to NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

Binance NFT Gets Ready for Urbanball’s Incredible Drop

Under the polished surface of traditional football (soccer), there is a gritty underground of high-stakes tournaments where battle-hardened athletes of the highest caliber compete in a series of “Fightball” contests where the winner takes all. The fun starts when the best players from each country compete against each other until there is only one winner. Then, these local heroes compete at the highest level in a grand Fightball world championship.

All of this great work is just a small part of a much bigger ecosystem. One where players get the credit and money they deserve, where fans can buy and wear a variety of stylish items. And where they can compete in virtual fashion in a big play-to-earn arena. All of which is made possible by the amazing feature of NFTs. So, welcome to Urbanball and all the exciting things it has to offer.

With the second dose of NFTs, the buzz is at a fever pitch.

Urbanball is back for its second run after the first NFTs were a huge hit and sold out quickly. This time, they want to make the legends of the Belgian street football scene a part of history. So, 10,000 brand-new Urbanball cards with utility value for the upcoming play-to-earn game coming in December will be added to the blockchain.

This new set will be available on the Binance NFT platform on June 24 at 11 a.m. UTC for a price of $25 less than usual. Coming in as a random drop of 10,000 packs, each of which has either a character card with one of Belgium’s best players or a skill card with footballing skills that players can use to improve their performance. You need both of these things if you want to try your luck in the Urbanball arena.

Also, if you’re lucky enough to find one of the extremely rare cards in the set, you’ll get even better rewards. For example, the person who won the Sean Garnier Flame Edition NFT in the last drop got a free trip to Qatar to meet Neymar, a famous football player.

More good things are coming for the NFT

But this is not the end of NFT goodness in the big picture. Through the partnership between Urbanball and Binance NFT, each country will get its own set. So, they came in a great drop every month, building up to the official game’s release in December.

The Amazing Ecosystem of Urbanballs

The fun world of Urbanball is a huge network of football fields that are all connected. Two-time Freestyle World Champion and social media superstar Sean Garnier, the fan engagement platform EX Sports, Binance NFT, and Emarr Entertainment worked together in a great way to make this happen. All of this was done with the intention of getting more people to know about its sports stars. And giving them more ways to make money.

Fans can take part in a number of ways through the Urbanball ecosystem. Most importantly, they watch the amazing real-life tournaments. And cheer for their favorite players as they move from the group (country) stages to the finals in Dubai.

Users can also show their support through a wide range of physical merchandise. Such as stylish footballs, fine sportswear, and holdalls. Later in the year, they will also be able to relive their favorite moments through an amazing play-to-earn gaming experience.

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