Bitso and FMF Release NFT Jersey for the Mexican National Team

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Bitso recently teamed up with the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) to release an NFT collection of the Mexican National Team Jersey.

About the Bitso NFT Collection

Bitso, a top-ranking cryptocurrency platform based in Latin America, collaborated with the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) to launch its debut NFT collection of the Mexican National team jersey purchased with cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, the NFT collection features 100 real-life jerseys with each of them matching the NFT jersey that the avatars of fans can pit on in Decentraland Metaverse.

The virtual Jersey NFT collectibles have the colors of the National team field and Mexico and features that will make them distinct when fans wear them in the Metaverse.

The NFT Jersey Sold Out Within 20 minutes After Announcement!  

The cryptocurrency platform and FMF announced to the public via social media an opportunity to own an official Mexican National team Jersey before the 2022 world cup which the team will take part in.

After this announcement, all the NFT collections sold out within 20 minutes at a price equivalent to $1800 MXN in ethers.

The General Director of Bitso México– Babára González Briseño– said in a statement that the mission of the company is to make cryptocurrency useful in everyday life.

He said that the company is spreading technology through new and innovative opportunities for people throughout the country to familiarize themselves with the new world.

He also added that the company is thrilled to provide fans of their National team with the historic and incredible opportunity to wear the colors of their National team In and off the Metaverse through their National account.  


More companies and organizations are coming up with innovations daily to increase the participation of their followers in the NFT space.

Bitso has just released a new NFT jersey of the Mexican National jersey that fans can wear both virtually and physically.

The fact that the NFT collection sold immediately after its announcement shows that the project was a huge success.

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