Bitswap NFT Squid Game Integrates Chainlink VRF to Automate Winners

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One of the most-awaited prizes has finally arrived. The “Jackpot” in the Bitswap NFT Squid World Game has a prize pool of 350,000 BSW.

Bitswap ensured that the mode for selecting winners was clear and fair. DEX also announced that Chainlink Verifiable Random Function would be added to the Binance Smart chain mainnet.

One of the rules of the game is that if a player died during the game, the game’s organizer would deposit funds into a public piggy bank.

Bitswap wants to thank its users for all their support and participation in the system. As a reward, the total prize of 350 000 BSW will be split between 1000 Squid NFT World players. Bitswap will use Chainlink VRF’s secure Random Number Generator (RNG) for the jackpot draws to make sure that these players are chosen in a fair and clear way.

How to Participate in The Giveaway?

If you already have a Squid NFT Player, you are already eligible. All Squid NFT Players will be included in the jackpot draw, so if you have more Squid NFT Players, you stand a better chance of winning.

The “Jackpot” in the Squid NFT World Game has a prize pool of 350,000 BSW. Biswap’s Squid NFT Game Uses Chainlink VRF to Automatically Pick 350k Jackpot Winners 3

Chainlink X Bitswap NFT

Chainlink is now the standard for selling, accessing, and building oracle services that power “hybrid smart contracts” on the blockchain.

Bitswap chose Chainlink because it does cutting-edge research and has the best oracle network in the business. Also, can access a safe way to make random numbers. Every user can check to see if the SNG’s numbers are truly random.

Chainlink VRF and How It Works

According to Bitswap, 

“We chose Chainlink VRF because it is based on cutting-edge academic research, supported by a time-tested oracle network, and is protected by the generation and on-chain verification of cryptography that proves the integrity of each random number given to smart contracts.”

“The Biswap team knows how important it is for a giveaway event to be fair and clear. By adding Chainlink VRF to our giveaway, we can give our users more confidence that the selection process is based on a random source that can’t be changed,” said the CEO of EK.

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