Blockchain Comics Announces the Release of the SMoD NFT Comic series

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Blockchain comics announced the launch of the Satoshi Master of Disguise (SMoD) comic series on the Immutable X (IMX) blockchain. The launch will take place on the 14th of July 2022.

Features of the SMoD Comic series

A limited presale launch of the SMoD comic series will take place on the 14th of July on the carbon-neutral Immutable X marketplace. Holders will also get early access to the SMoD NFT and become part of the SMoD community.

After the presale launch, the mining of 10,000 NFTs will symbolize the beginning of Decentralized publishing which is a new phase in the history of NFTs.

With the ability of the Immutable X, Blockchain comics will be able to carry out decentralized publishing through the blockchain comics portal.

Also, the blockchain comic portal will allow creators to mine, publish and share their comic series.

Satoshi, who is the main hero of blockchain comics, will begin the comic book series.

According to the co-founder and creative developer of Blockchain comics Paul Paul. Blockchain comics started with the idea of creating comic books on the blockchain. And also includes comics about the development of blockchains.

The organization soon realized that to do this, they would have to invent a technology that will create a distributive system in the NFT space.

Also, blockchain comics will make use of its new ew rarity algorithm to give rise to a multilayer mining technology. 

The Multilayer Minting Technology in Blockchain Comics

The multilayer minting technology of blockchain comics enables the joining of the five levels of rarity with six unique features to generate over 15, 000 combinations.

The five rarity levels of  SMoD NFTs include: incognito, Undercover, Ghost, Mysterious, and Nameless while the six SMoD features are Head, Mouth, Location, Body, Eyes, and Sky.

With the multilayer minting Technology, Blockchain comics will be able to maximize the utility and scalability of SMoD NFTs. 

Also, holders of the SMoD NFT will be able to maintain the rarity of their comic books. Just like the rarity algorithm works, holders will be able to create rare comic books by putting in more characters. 

As the comic series upgrades, new characters will be added and new comic books will show up in various forms such as dialogues and artworks.

The more NFT a person holds, the more refined the holder’s comic series becomes.

Looking Ahead

Blockchain comics aims to create a lasting impression in the NFT space that begins with the community.

The organization has plans for the future but these plans will not materialize without the existence of a strong and committed blockchain community.

The co-founder Paul Paul also added that the community is key. And they plan to put them at the heart of the project by making SMoD holders the sole distributors. Furthermore, the community will have voting rights in the organization’s portal.

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